A weekend for the record books

I have a whole crapload of work that I have to do between now and the 31st. ?So instead of sitting behind my computer and actually doing it, I took 4 days off and enjoyed myself. ?I’m certain I’ll regret that decision later this week, but looking back on it, I’m glad I did.

I have a few photos, but am really too lazy to resize and edit them so you just get the verbal rundown.

Friday was one of the trusty husband’s flex Fridays (he has every other Friday off during the summer). ?It was handy that it coincided with our monthly wine club night so he helped me clean the house and get ready for company. ?We spend Friday evening sipping Viognier with our friends and the weather was nice enough to start a fire in the back yard and have dessert. ?I love wine club nights

Saturday was Salsa Day. ?I have been looking forward to this event for about 2 weeks. ?Windmill Gardens in Sumner hosts a salsa festival in the spring. ?One would think that it would be in the summer and you get to taste all kinds of delicious salsa. ?Nope. ?It is their big tomato and pepper sale. ?Complete with Mariachi band and Ciscoe Morris. ?Oh, and they had gallon heirloom and rare tomatoes and peppers for $3.99. ?We rounded out the remainder of out tomato and pepper collection with 7 new tomatoes and 6 peppers. ?We also picked up a few Thai Basil plants and 2 Mexican Orange shrubs. ?The remainder of the day was spent preparing the area the Mexican Orange shrubs (and a whole host of other plants) would live. ?Derek built me the first of 2 retaining walls and shoveled more dirt and rock than he did in his days as an Archaeologist. ?By the end of the night we washed about 20 tons of dirt off of us.

Sunday we hosted a BBQ for our friends. ?Since we were tired from the day before we slept in causing us last minute issues with food and preparations. ?In the end we pulled it together and had a fantastic time in the sun. ?The children were none to happy with me because I kept shooing them outside. ?It was a nice day. ?Children should play outside when it’s sunny. ?We ended the evening in front of the fire with guitars and good music.

Monday was back to the garden. ?We had one more retaining wall to build, but not bricks to build it with. ?Off to the mega home improvement store… they were out. ?Next mega home improvement store… doesn’t cary the kind we need. ?Mega grocery/everything store… bricks are $1.99 each as opposed to the $1.69 that we paid at the mega home improvement store. ?Third mega home improvement store… has the bricks. ?Only trouble is that I crack my head on a shelf loading the bricks onto a card and Derek smashes his finger. ?Now I’m down to one brain cell and he can’t flip people off. ?There could be worse things, although that last brain cell might get awfully lonely. ?In the end we finished the wall, shoveled and raked more dirt and installed an irrigation system for the area. ?We were on the go from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. ?We tried to watch a movie after the boy went to bed, but I kept falling asleep.

We are all officially worn out, but can’t take a moment to rest. ?Not only do I have tons of work to do, I promised the child that we would plant flowers and go to the pool this week. ?Oy. ?Next weekend doesn’t look much better. ?Hockey, Point Defiance plant sale, 2 birthday parties and the dedication of the new addition to our church. ?I guess I could rest in September.

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  1. Aunt Jan says: Reply

    Hey, it’s too bad you can’t get some of the native limestone that they dug up when they dug out for the foundation of our new house. We have a ton of it and it makes great retaining walls. Popo used it all the time. We will have to email you some pictures.
    Love you, Aunt Jan

  2. mom says: Reply

    Mixing fun in with work is the smartest thing people can do. I’d rather fall into bed with a smile from enjoying ones company… then not.

  3. Willow says: Reply

    when you look back you wont remember the crap load of work you avoided and all of the anxiety it caused, you will remember the good times! F work! i just got back from vacae and i’m reminded that i need to go on vacae more and work less. stupid work. more fun. you could get run over by a big truck or get cancer or something and then you would be pissed you didnt have enough fun!!!!

  4. Brother in Law says: Reply

    I hate it when I can’t flip people off….

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