A very merry Christmas

Ok, this is the last time I’m going to write about Sweet Hope… this week.

I know you are tired of getting brow beaten by me, but I can’t help it.? This is something I’m passionate about.? Even more so than how much I dislike Sarah Palin and that is saying a lot.

Earlier this week I figured I should write to my friend Galina to make sure that I can actually give away all of this money I’m raising.? Terrible problem to have, wouldn’t you say.? Anyway, I had spoken to Galina last year about the possibility of going to Khabarovsk to take donations to the orphanages and to take a delegate of women to visit the orphanages.? The hope was to get people interested in helping me really get Sweet Hope (as a larger organization) off the ground.? The good news was that Galina did her usual gracious acts and was in the process of lining up host homes, translators and drivers.? She also assured me of help with gaining access to the orphanages.? Not always an easy feat.? This is where the Slavyanka Women’s Society came into play.? They were arranging everything.? The only thing standing in the way was money.? Too much needed and I’m only 1 woman.? So plan A was scrapped.? It’s still something that is on my mind every day.

When the vision of Sweet Hope shifted to sending the money to the orphanages in Khabarovsk the first thought was Slavyanka.? They said they’d help before so I guessed naturally they’d help this time.? I wasn’t wrong.? I wrote to Galina and told her about what I was going to do and if she would help me.

Within a few hours I received an email with an emphatic YES!? The Slavyanka group has done acts like this before for various organizations.? She put me in contact with someone here in the states that should be able to help me get the money to Khab (more importantly the Slavyanka group) and then they will use the money to purchase Christmas gifts for the children at Baby Home #2 in Khabarovsk.? She will then send me a detailed list of what was purchased so I know the money was spent wisely.

I am so excited to know that the children in this Baby Home are going to have a Merry Christmas.? I wish I could be there to see their faces, but I do hope Galina is able to take some photos.

Now I am only 1 woman.? I have committed to busting my ass the first 2 weeks in December to make all of these truffles for you.? I just need you to buy them.? I did a test run yesterday with the flavors and I can assure you they are delightful.? Candy Cane is always a good choice.? It has always been my best seller and my personal favorite.? However, this year Pumpkin Spice might be taking the lead.? This was the one I was totally unsure of, but upon tasting it… yeah, it’s good.

And just to get you motivated…

Yep… those are a sample of this year’s Sweet Hope Truffles.? Oh and I fixed the Donate button

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  1. Just trying to decide what to buy this year.

  2. Carrie says: Reply

    so…if we decided to buy more, can we add on to the order we already placed or do we have to start over? (Yes, I’m trying to save on shipping-when you live in Alaska, it can REALLY add up!)

  3. my order is in!

  4. Carrie says: Reply

    I adopted my first two children from Russia (and just recently had my first biological child), and I just wanted to say “thank you” for doing this!!! What a sweet, fantastic idea.

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