A son’s grief

Derek and his father are very private people.  It is a trait in men in that family.  I’ve been married to my husband for nearly 15 years and with him almost 19.  In all of that time I may have only seen him cry once or twice.  He is not one to overly show emotion.  One way he expresses himself is through video.  He’s been doing this for years and is something he’s very passionate about.  Over the past week he’s been working on a tribute to his mother.  When you ask him how he’s doing he’ll tell you he’s fine.  He chooses to focus on the good things from her life rather than what we’ll miss out on not having her here anymore.  I say what we’ll miss because, let’s face it, she did have a well lived life.  Here’s a glimpse into that life.

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  1. Lee says: Reply

    Thank you so much, my sweet brother. That is a beautiful tribute to the best mom in the world. I will miss her with every breath I take.

  2. Debbie says: Reply

    That was gorgeous. It made me cry at work, even though I don’t know anyone involved. It was beautiful to see such a family of love, and the woman at the heart of it. An excellent tribute.

  3. Ani says: Reply

    I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful tribute for who was clearly a great human being.

  4. Alicia says: Reply


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