A productive member of society

Who?da thunk it. For the first time I have reached a new level of mommy boredom. Not quite sure what is going on here people. The woman who always has a million things to do is actually bored. My home is actually clean for the first time in like 2 years, the laundry is done, the grocery shopping is done and the boy is happily placed in front of the TV watching Baby on the go (per his request.) I tried offering books to him. He read a few and then was done with that. I have a project or 2 I could work on, but I am waiting for the man in the big brown truck to deliver my supplies. I can only squirt water on my new houseplants so many times before I love them to death. Hell… the boy and I even worked outside in the yard this morning. I put up new bird feeders, made a vain attempt to plant some daffodil, crocus and hyacinth bulbs that have been sitting in my garage since August. Our new freezer was delivered this morning, but I can?t move it on my own. My office could use a cleaning too I suppose.

I can?t believe I have actually reached the status of productive member of society. This is like a 180 degree turn around from where I was at last year. Last year I was near the point of jumping off a bridge. This year I am planning my veg garden, buying tulips and house plants and actually *gasp* smiling. Oh the shock and horror. It did make me realize that I do need to see a dentist though.

In conclusion of this boring ass post I remind you that it is once again that time of year. The time of year for all of those who secretly read this blog to come out of hiding. You may not think you have anything important to say or you may just read to make yourself feel better because you are funnier, smarter, thinner or prettier than I am, but what do I care. You live in my computer. I can?t see you. Yes people it is once again De-Lurk week! Take the time to comment on those blogs that you frequent. Tell me you like me. Tell me I am a hack. Tell me you are the one who really egged my house. Just de-lurk. If you don?t I swear I will start outing people again.

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