A message from Bunny

I was milling over my stat counter yesterday afternoon.? I had an unusually high number of hits to Unexpected Miracles (well, if you call 12 high).? I decided to check it out.? I always look at the search hits to find out what people are searching for and finding my sites.? UM is no different.? This time I saw a search that I found interesting.? Someone had done a Yahoo search for Oleg Roy (the boy’s name).? I clicked on it and it took me to the search page and I browsed some of the other hits.? There was UM, our agency and a few others that were meaningless.? However, one stuck out.? It had names that I recognized.? Not only was there Oleg Roy, but Bethany Kate.? I clicked and noticed it was the obituary from the Arkansas City, KS, newspaper for the trusty husband’s grandmother, Bunny.

I cried as I read through the obit.? I miss her terribly.? When I was finished I stopped and thought… hmm, it’s this is right around the time that she died.? I looked at the date on the obit.? November 19, 2006.? I live in a bubble of oblivian so I had to look at a calender to figure out what yesterday’s date was.? November 19, 2008.

I was stunned.

We have this thing in our family that whenever we find a penny on the ground we say, “Popo is saying hello.”? Not long after Bunny passed away Derek’s parents found two touching pennies on the ground.?? The idea of that brings us all to tears.? Yesterday was no exception.

It was if Bunny was there, saying hello.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    And most likely she was!

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    no doubt

  3. Lee says: Reply

    Darn you-now I am crying! I have been thinking so much of Popo and Bunny lately. I still miss them terribly, as well. It seems like we should still be able to reach out and give them a call. It is a testament of their love and devotion to us, as well as each other, that they hold such a special place in our lives and hearts, and always will.

  4. You totally made me cry at work. Doesn’t help that this next month will be the anniversary of losing two of my grandmas within 4 days of each other. πŸ™

  5. Aunt Jan says: Reply

    I miss them both terribly too. Nov. 19th is also the anniversary of my dad’s death, 11 years ago now. So it is no wonder I have been feeling like crying lately. That is spooky the Ark City obit thing. Hugs to you all, Love Aunt Jan

  6. Willow says: Reply

    about 2 months after my mom died i noticed a single rose in bloom outside of our condo next to our walkway. the leaves were green and perfectly placed along the stalk. we had lived there for 3? years and there never was a single bud. the stalk it grew out of looked sooooo dead and i never even noticed it before. i felt like my mom was saying hello πŸ™‚ the rose was a beautiful, yellow with the edges kind of pink. the bloom was almost all the way open so you could see the center frillies.

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