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If you will recall a few weeks ago I asked your opinion on adopting some four legged furries.  You all had wonderful things to say, but I will admit that I had my mind made up before we left their foster house.  It was a matter of convincing Derek of the decision I had already made.

Let me introduce the newest members of our family…

This is Fiona.  And at that my good friends Jenny and Kevin are saying, “dude seriously?”  Their daughter is named Fiona.  I should say that the kitties came with names.  We have been considering changing them, but their foster mom does an amazing job of naming her charges.

Little Miss Fi was the smallest of the Lively Bunch.  She was the last to cross over the 2 pound mark.  She is just a wee little peanut, but being the only girl in the litter what she lacks in size she makes up for in personality.  She is a feisty one, but the first to snuggle.  She spent most of the night sleeping next to my pillow.

This is Irving.  I can’t resist an orange kitteh.  Contrary to Julius, there isn’t a speck of white on him.  He is all orange, but with blue eyes.  Ok, on most occasions his eyes are blue.  He is much bigger than his sister.  The small human has claimed this cat to be his own.  His is the name we are waffling on.  I don’t want to rename him, but for some reason he doesn’t feel like an Irving to me.  That makes me feel sad because his foster mom takes such care in naming the kittens.  He looks like a Hammond to me, but we’ll wait to see if that is true or not.  Irving is a fluffy little lad.  He is cautious, but can be quite a little instigator.

Oh, and this is Truman.  Yes, we decided to get all three babies.  We knew we wanted two, but couldn’t stand the thought of leaving one behind.  So we decided on all 3.  When I met Truman I thought his name might be Livingston.  However, I he has dispelled me of that notion and his name is, in fact, Truman.  However, if this cat had a voice he would most certainly speak with a British accent.  He is Mr. Curiosity.  He is the first to come out from under the bed to greet us.  He also has a large appetite and spends a good part of the day with his head in the food dish.

The boy and I picked the kittehs up yesterday afternoon.  They seem to be transitioning quite nicely.  The slept in between Derek and me through most of the night and today are their playful little selves.  Busy has yet to meet them, but is rather curious what is behind door #1.  We’ll hold off on a formal introduction for a few more days.

Where did the kittens come from?  Technically they are humane society kitties.  Their foster mom is Laurie and she writes a blog called The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.  This is where I found them.  She has a wonderful sense of humor and takes the most amazing photos.  It wasn’t hard to fall in love.

Welcome to the family Livelies.  We hope you like it here.

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  1. OH OH OH!!! I love kitties. I want one but have declared that I won’t have a dog and a cat at the same time – I shouldn’t have to pooper scoop a yard and a box – one or the other only. So sweet and cute – enjoy!

  2. Christine Van Dyke says: Reply

    So glad to see pictures of these wee little Lively bunch. We will be following you for stories, they are very special and you made the right choice of getting three. How fun for your family! Congrats!

    The Van Dyke Family

  3. Melissa says: Reply

    You could always keep “Irving” as a middle name.

  4. Lee says: Reply

    Can’t wait to meet my little fur-neice and nephews. So stinkin’ cute!

  5. Anonymous says: Reply

    If I could make a suggestion, rename Irving ASAP! Once they live with a name for a while, you start to get used to it, and can’t think of them as anything else….

  6. Oh, how wonderful! I found you through the IBKC, and I’m so glad you’re writing about these babies as charmingly as Laurie does. Enjoy them. They look yummy.

  7. Elaine says: Reply

    Visiting by way of the IBKC. Glad you’re a blogger, and can’t wait to watch the kittens grow. I’m adding your blog to my Google Reader.

  8. JenniferB says: Reply

    Just popped over from the IBKC site to see if there was news on settling in. I’m on the other end of the country but grow attached to the kittens none the less 🙂 Glad to see they’re settling well. Also, LOVE your blog. Cheers and congrats on the new additions!

  9. Jeane Gallo says: Reply

    I’ve been following Laurie’s site for a long time. I will be checking in on the kitties from time to time. Thank you for opening your heart and home to these three beautiful babies.

  10. Congratulations on your new fur-family! Love the photos.

  11. HeidiK says: Reply

    I came over from IBKC, and I’m so happy to hear about how well “our” babies are doing in their new home!!! What lovely, lovely pictures and descriptions you’ve posted… happy happy joy joy!!

  12. Kate says: Reply

    Congratulations on your new additions. Laurie has suggested her readers come on over. (Bookmarked!) Friends who think cats shouldn’t have “people names”, sad. (yes, I did understand their child is named Fiona but they do know she isn’t the only person named Fiona? I’ll try to stop by regularly and check out the Lively’s progress, and boost up your page stats 😉

  13. anonycat says: Reply

    Irving does sound a bit too old for such a young laddie. Maybe you could nick-name Irving, how about “Ivy”?

  14. Tanya says: Reply

    You’re about to have the entire IBKC community over here, so prepare to have lots of requests for more kitten posts!

    Truman looks just like my little lady, and Fiona looks like my little man, so I was pining over them from the first moment. They are so lucky to all go home together. You will never, ever, regret your decision to get all three, they are so perfect and different.

    I love that you are considering keeping all of their names. I think Irving could also carry off Alfred and Curtis. I like Hammond, too. He could be your little ham!

  15. Tammi says: Reply

    I came over from IBKC too and I’m beyond happy that you adopted these lovely kittens. Congrats. 🙂

  16. Kelly says: Reply

    I fell in love with the Lively Bunch over at IBKC and am just thrilled that they found such a wonderful forever-home with you. Groomin’ Truman is definitely a name worth keeping. It seems to fit him well. I’m sure that whatever names you choose for Fiona and Irving will be just as perfect for them (and for you!) Congratulations on the new additions to your family!

  17. Wendi says: Reply

    I found your blog through the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee blog. I’ve been following Truman’s stay because he looks so much like my Felix. They look almost identical – from the shape of the heads to the white patches. We adopted Felix just a few months after my husband and I were married back in 1997. So he kind of grew up with us. He was our first “kid” as we don’t have any children. He was such a snuggler. And curious! Oh his curiosity got him into some interesting adventures. We lost him in 2009 from Chronic Renal Failure, but we know that his 12 years of life were quite full and happy. I wear my rainbow bridge bracelet every day to remind myself that he’s always with me.

    I’m so excited that Truman has gone to a good home. I know he isn’t Felix, but I kept hoping he would get adopted by a really good family. Please give him a hug for me. I know it’s such a weird thing to be asked but I miss Felix and I would have loved to have adopted Truman if I were in that area of the country.

    Oh, if Truman turns out anything like Felix, beware: he might be very, very fastidious, always a gentleman, and very, very loyal and devoted to his family.

    Okay, I’ll quit being weird now and leave you alone. Congratulations on your new brood!

  18. Congratulations on your new kitties!

  19. Sylvestermiasmomma says: Reply

    I too am from IBKC. I have your blog in my list of cool websites to visit.

  20. luneray says: Reply

    Congrats on the newest members of the family. I foster cats for the Tacoma Humane Society too, and I’m always happy to see kitties go to loving homes!

  21. Laura47 says: Reply

    I’m yet another visitor from IBKC. I fell hopelessly in love with Truman the moment I saw him, so I do hope you’ll include lots of great posts about the kitties! Have your blog bookmarked. And I’m sending good thoughts to the universe for your MIL!

  22. KatMacNeely says: Reply

    I found you from IBKC too. So glad you took the whole bunch. I can’t imagine leaving one behind.

    We have a torbie who looks VERY much like Miss Fiona. She, like most torbies, was a lively kitten, but she’s mellowing into a wonderful cat. Very loving, very interesting, very pretty.

    I wish you as much joy as she has brought us.

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