A good friday

When I was growing up I attended a Pentecostal church. ?It wasn’t on a totally regular basis, but when I stayed with my Dad we would attend church with my grandparents and they happened to be Penecostal. ?From my experience in the Penecostal church holy week isn’t really celebrated. ?Easter yes, but things like Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday or Good Friday were unheard of. ?Most other religions also don’t celebrate an Easter vigil. ?These are all things my particular church celebrates (or rather observes).

I remember as a child growing up that I wanted to know what Good Friday was. ?No one in my family could explain it to me. ?I then remember learning about what it was and thinking, “well where’s the good in that?” ?For those unfamiliar Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified (Maundy Thursday would be the feast of the last supper).

Good Friday happens to be one of my favorite services that our church puts together. ?I don’t know if we will attend this year, but in my own way I’ll reflect on the day and what it means. ?To me that is to think about the good.

I’ve had a pretty bad week. ?I bonked my head and got whiplash, then on Thursday morning I made a cake to take to the church for the Seder Meal and I accidentally left it on the counter at home. ?I turned around to get it and when I walked in the door the dog sprinted out of the kitchen (I had left the boy at home with a babysitter). ?I walk into the kitchen to find that the dog had eaten over 1/2 of the cake. ?Totally my fault for not remembering the cake.

So the week was pretty bad, but it ended on somewhat of a good note. ?Back in February I turned in my resume at a little local garden store in Tacoma. ?Cute joint. ?I hadn’t heard anything from the guys that owned it so I was planning to call them. ?My dear friend NEAL happened in there last weekend and mentioned something to them about it. ?On Monday they called to ask if I wanted to interview. ?Of course! ?Last night I interviewed with one of the owners and he really liked me. ?I’ll hear on Tuesday if I got the job or not, but it sounds pretty positive.

I’m totally freaking out about going back to work. ?It would only be part time, but I would have to work on the weekends and I hate that. ?The thought of not having a single day of the week where we can just be a family kills me. ?However, right now I’m thinking about my family and the ability to make ends meet. ?We will make it work.

There is the good. ?In all of the pain and suffering there is good. ?One small spark of the resurrection and it all melts away. ?That is why it is Good Friday.

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  1. The church I grew up in didn’t talk a lot about Ash Wednesday, Mundy Thursday, Good Friday either. Actually the first time I saw someone w/ashes on her forehead on Ash Wednesday was in college. I offered her a napkin to wipe the dirt off her forehead. I’m a doofus.

    Good luck with the job!

  2. Joel413 says: Reply

    Ok, I love little local garden shoppe already, and I totally respect the guys who own it… now if you were there, and on weekends, I would love it even more.

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