A glimpse of my life

As I type this Hammond is licking my left hand, Truman is laying on my right, Fiona is rubbing her body on my face and the dog is ringing her bell to go out.  Here is a rare look at my life behind the computer.  It’s also a completely un-photoshopped picture of me without makeup on or having brushed my hair in the morning.

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  1. HeidiK says: Reply

    Ohhh!!! Look at the babies!!! Sweet…! Ok, not conducive to work, but totally sweet. I love your kitties 🙂

    Also — you look better unbrushed and undone than I do when I AM done. And your expression? Priceless.

    So I say, great picture on all counts!

  2. Sylvestermiasmomma says: Reply

    Definitely a priceless look on your face. Love the kitty pile on you lap. So sweet!!

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    I like your longer hair.

  4. Vero says: Reply

    Lovely picture! Makes me laugh too.

  5. Aunt Jan says: Reply

    They make it kinda hard to work don’t they? But they are sooo cute. Makes me want to go out and adopt another kitty. Almost. You look pretty good for first thing in the AM.

  6. Wendy says: Reply

    What, no small boy on top of the pile? That’s some pretty awesome kitty lurve.

  7. JC says: Reply

    The three are growing up so fast.

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