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My cell phone is like an appendage.  I don’t usually go anywhere without it.  However, when I upgraded to a smart phone things didn’t go as smoothly as anticipated.  The smart phone I got was a Motorola Devour.  I should have known this wouldn’t be good when I had to remove the battery to restart the phone in the parking lot after walking out of the store with it.

For months I have dealt with force close issues, a phone that eats SD cards for lunch and a phone so slow it makes my old Razor look like new technology.  I’ve wanted a new phone, but I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade until December.  Then Verizon announced that they would begin carrying the iPhone on February 10th.  However, they were canceling the early upgrade program and only those who are grandfathered into the program would be eligible for one last “new every two” upgrade, but again my new every two didn’t come up until December.  That meant that I couldn’t get an iPhone until December.

Earlier this month I took my phone to the helper monkey at the Verizon kiosk at the mall.  I told the guy about the issues I’d been having, but the helper monkey was more interested in checking out the girls walking into Abercrombie than in helping me with my phone.  He did succeed in resetting my phone to the factory settings in turn deleting all of my contacts and making me restart Angry Birds.  Damn him.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was that I left my charger at the hotel in Portland.  That didn’t have anything to do with Verizon, but more my stupidity.  However, it meant that I had to go into the Verizon store to get a new charger.  I figured that while I was there I might as well complain again about my phone.

I talked with the best sales rep.  She gave me lots of options for ditching my craptastic Devour.  I went home (sans new phone or charger) to discuss the situation with Derek and we devised a plan.  We would trade my Devour in for a refurbished Droid then do an add a line in February and get me an iPhone and Derek keeps the Droid.  Simple right.

I went back to the Verizon store and talked to my new BFF and she gives me the contact information to execute my plan.

When I got home I called the # I was given.  Oh dear lord.  I would rather visit the dentist than talk to the Verizon phone monkeys.  I went round and round with this chick about how bad my Devour was, that they knew the phone was defective (Motorola won’t even support it anymore) and that I wanted a new phone.  Her generous offer was to allow me to purchase a refurbished Droid 1 for $289.  Wasn’t that nice of her.  When I asked to speak to the supervisor she put me on hold for 10 minutes to come back to say the best she could offer were free cheap-ass flip phone.  It wasn’t even a smart phone.

I asked if I could speak to an actual supervisor and then proceeded to wait another 10 minutes.  Then I had to argue with that monkey that I wanted a new phone blah blah blah.  That dumbass totally back tracked and then said that his records showed that we didn’t even contact tech support and they couldn’t do anything for us until we did.  Fine, put me through to technical support.

This is where my super awesome husband stepped in.  After he waited on hold for over 20 minutes he got super awesome tech lady.  He (calmly) explained the issues I’ve been having with the phone and she was actually apologetic.  Super awesome tech lady pulled through for us.

I have a refurbished Droid 2 arriving on my doorstep Saturday.  Fo FREE!

Sometime after the 10th we’ll implement phase 2 of get me a new new phone, but I’ll settle for one I can actually use for now.

So thank you awesome husband guy.  You will be rewarded

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  1. newbuffalomom says: Reply

    I am currently suffering with a Motorola Citrus. I have been promised by Verizon that my new LG Vortex will arrive this week. The only thing the Citrus has been good for is throwing at the wall when it randomly reboots, or fails to send a text, or 100 other things it doesn’t do. 🙁

  2. Auntie G says: Reply

    I wonder what kind of earlier action you would’ve gotten by saying “oh, never mind, I’ll just give ATT a call. Thanks for your time.”
    Glad you got it figured out that was adventageous for you both.

  3. mom says: Reply

    You know my feelings on Comcrap. Verizon has earned 1st place. Okay, I’ll be kind and make it a tie. Paying even to cancel my plan! Free upgrade cost me $150 phone and was a piece of crap. (said they never received my rebate. Really?) The big corporations have gone cheap. Making it almost impossible to find a quality product. Good luck with that 😉

  4. Joel says: Reply

    I suppose if you have your heart set on an iPhone you’ll get an iPhone, but personally I haven’t found anything that can be done with an iPhone I can’t do with my Droid 1

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