A funny thing happened at the hockey rink

So you’ve heard me talk about Dr. Awesome before.? How I love my OB/gyn and that he actually listens and that despite being a man he is sensitive to the fact that I can’t have children and gets it.? I’ve gotten over the fact that he said the dreaded words last year of, “I think it might be time to see a RE”.? I forgive him for that.? I know I need to.? It’s ok.

I’m pretty sure I also told you that while I was going through my post-surgery appointments the subject came up that I played hockey.? Come to find out that Dr. Awesome also played hockey.? In fact, he had recently transferred to WA from San Jose where he happened to be the doc for many of the wives of the San Jose Sharks.? Yeah, Dr. Awesome is not only awesome because he’s a good doc, but because he delivered Evgeni Nabokov’s baby and Owen Nolan’s baby.? The team threw him a big party when he left CA.? It was all a great story that I could tell people.? Because I have an awesome doc.

I also learned that Dr. Awesome happened to play for the hockey league that I had previously played for.? In fact, he played for one of the opposing teams.? I had played against him, but didn’t realize it.

Then today happened.

So I’m sitting in the locker room at the rink helping to get the boy dressed.? Moreover, I was waiting for the team manager to get there so we could do things like gossip about other parents and the like.? I know bad, but hey, it’s what makes freezing my ass off in a meat locker more fun.? So I’m sitting there and in walks this dad behind the team manager.? I’m thinking, “hey, I know that guy…wait, I KNOW that guy”.? You guessed it.? Dr. Awesome walked into the locker room.

Evidently, his son is now old enough to join the class that the boy takes.

The good and bad news is that he didn’t recognize me.? Funny.? Guess it was the wrong angle.

This should make my annual exam in April much more interesting.

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  2. Lena says: Reply

    I have to say ditto to mom’s comment. Too funny. But maybe not in April. 🙂

  3. Well, at least you weren’t naked in the locker room! It could be worse, right?

    And, chances are that he sees enough patients in a day/week/year that outside of the exam room (and without the benefit of your medical chart), he doesn’t remember any of your intimate details when he sees you at the hockey arena.

    Well, that is, unless you’ve got any unusual piercings or hygiene problems, or such. But, let’s just give you the benefit of the doubt on that. Feel better?

  4. Elle says: Reply

    Rachel- Coming from an OB yes. But my worry now becomes getting to know him on a parent to parent basis and then having to show up for my exam. That’s the awkward part.

  5. Lee says: Reply

    Sorry, but what is an “RE”?

  6. Elle says: Reply

    Lee- Reproductive Endocrinologist

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  8. Ick. Just ick.

  9. Fun times!

    Look at it this way… you have plenty of time to come up with a catchy one liner to cut the awkward tension. Maybe something like, gee your hands are colder than the ice rink our boys play in or make this a quick pap or i’ll tell my hockey son to check the heck out of yours… 😉

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