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Normally I only poll readers for truffle flavors. ?They were a bit overdone back in the day, but these two topics warrant the opinions of the internets. ?*and then my polls widget went and stopped working so now you have to leave a comment (it’s a ploy really)*

Topic #1: The boy’s room

I’ve been wanting to redo the boy’s room for a while now. ?It will be the first room in the house to undergo a third coat of paint since we’ve moved in. ?As it stands his room is pretty cute. ?The bed is awesome, the furniture is still in good shape and the artwork is not bad. ?The colors are just a little baby for my taste. ?Besides, he’s been asking us if we can paint his room. ?My dilemma is this. ?One wall in his room has all of his personalized and hockey stuff. ?There is a big Warner Brothers print with Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny playing hockey against the big orange monster and a hockey stick above that. ?There is also a big giant O with ephemera from our trips to get him collaged onto it along with a print we had made for him at Disneyland with his name in Russian and a caricature of him playing hockey. ?Another wall has a shelf with hooks for hats, a small brass rocking horse on the shelf (from my great grandfather’s house) and a print that was from Derek’s room when he was a kid. ?The next wall has his collection of crosses and a quilted wall hanging I made. ?The quilt could go. ?The wall with the window has car plaques that were in Derek’s room when he was a kid. ?Of the stuff that’s in there now I would really like to keep the hockey print and the stuff with his name on it. ?The rest can go. ?Trouble is, what to do in it’s place.

You might say, just let him pick. ?Oh no buddy. ?We’d end up with Handy Manny or Imagination Movers or some other thing. ?It’s all well and good that he likes those things, but I do have to go into his room to put things away and put him to sleep. ?The only character items I’m willing to do are Dr. Seuss.

I haven’t posed the question to the child of which one he would like yet, but I thought I’d ask you. ?I’m leaning towards either a collection of Dr. Seuss or Retro Robots. ?Now mind you, I wouldn’t go all out and spend the hundreds of dollars on the bedding from Pottery Barn or Land of Nod. ?I would like to be lazy and do so, but at $60 just for a twin sheet set… I don’t think so. ?I have a sewing machine thankyouverymuch.

Ponder your choice while I pose the next topic.

Topic #2: Stealing cherries off of the neighbor’s tree

Two weeks ago we had a garage sale. ?I sent the trusty husband up the street to put signs out. ?He comes back and says that the neighbor’s have a Rainier Cherry tree. ?He also proceeds to tell me they weren’t ripe yet, but would probably be so in about a week. ?So last Friday he tells the boy they can take a bike ride up the street to go pick cherries. ?All the while I protest greatly. ?The kicker here is that the house in question is for sale and was recently vacated.

Derek and I have been in this moral debate about picking the cherries. ?I said it wasn’t right (as I picked and ate the cherries *hypocrite*) and he insists that it’s ok. ?They are just going to go to waste if someone doesn’t pick them. ?What would you have done?

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  1. Whitney says: Reply

    No thoughts on the boy’s room but if the cherries are on a tree that is at a vacant house and they are not being picked by the current owners of the house then ….


    It’d be a shame for them to go to waste.

  2. MIL says: Reply

    Both rooms are cute, but I kept coming back to the Dr. Seuss one – it’s got lots of character, is a timeless theme ( his dad is still a Doc Seuss fan!!) and looking at the wall decorations, I know you could replicate them, given your artistic talent – also I think you might be able to incorporate the hockey stuff in & around the Dr. Seuss stuff w/out losing the best of both! For sure his bed with the privacy curtain could be easily fitted in with the Seuss color scheme.

    The retro-rocket theme is cute, but doesn’t seem that different (in colors) from what he already has in his room.

    Either way the cutest thing in the room will be the “boy”, so you can’t lose with either theme! :-)) Keep us posted on what you decide. Grammy/MIL

  3. mom says: Reply

    My opinion? Allow O the freedom to choose from the two which you have selected. It makes it HIS room, and a little voice is given the opportunity to be heard. The pride and satisfaction of helping in creating his own little sanctuary!

  4. Lena says: Reply

    I agree with your mom, let O pick between the two choices you’ve selected. Keep the cool hockey and personalized stuff … I was just admiring all of that last weekend and he will treasure it later on.

    Secondly, pick the cherries and enjoy them otherwise the birds will get them.

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    I like both bedding.. I especially like the robots.. they seem more ” Big Boy” to me. I would let the boy choose.

    as far as the cherries… I would go for it if the house was vacant. That totally sounds like a debate John & I would have.

  6. Lauren says: Reply

    I think you should let him pick from your choices also. It will be more fun for him and not something he will fight against.

    As for the cherries I say pick them all night long. And the next day too if there are any left. They will just go to waste if you don’t.

  7. If the house is empty — it would be a crime to let those cherries go to waste! Pick them!

    Both room choices are cute. I say, let the boy pick between the two.

  8. Trusty Husband says: Reply

    Yay me! I knew the wise internets would see my side of the “great cherry debate of 2009”

  9. For the boy’s room, I saw pick a couple you can live with (which you have) and let him choose. So he gets the choice but only from items that don’t make you stabby.

    For the cherries…I say if the house is vacant, go for it. (Besides, who can resist rainier cherries?)

  10. kristin says: Reply

    Ok. Why not “project” a few Doc S Characters on the wall and paint them. That doesn’t cost too much. Then you can go and get the sheets and make a comfortable cover. Just a thought. I did Klaire’s room with daisies all around that way. IT turned out cool!

  11. Jenni says: Reply

    While I like the Dr. Seuss room a lot, I think there is a potential for the boy to outgrow that room faster than the Retro Robot room. The robots could last him well into second grade even, without seeming “too baby” (as my son puts it).

    As for the cherries, if the house is vacant, then go for it! That will prevent any potential buyers from seeing rotting sherries on the tree. You’re actually doing them a service! 😉

  12. My thought the whole time was for Dr. Seuss until I actually clicked the links. The robots are awesome!

    And definitely pick the cherries. If we had that discussion in our house, I’d be the one saying we shouldn’t eat them. But I’m a goody-goody, and a lot of times my answers just aren’t as fun…or tasty.

  13. Jake says: Reply

    The boy’s room: I tend to prefer blank walls that can be filled with bookcases and a bulletin board for art work and other special stuff. My mom painted two smallish (a couple of feet in diameter) murals that Q picked out: one is a hippo flying a float plane and one is a turtle flying a helicopter. What about letting him pick something like that? That way he chooses what is on his wall, but your sense of taste and style will design it?

    As for the cherries, they’re technically someone else’s. However, since the house is vacant, I’d say pick them until you’re asked not to by the realtor. When someone moves in, ask permission of the new owners/rentors.

  14. alicia says: Reply

    Vacated house? I think you’re OK.

  15. alicia says: Reply

    (Otherwise they’ll end up on the ground and rot and attract yellow jackets … the real estate peeps will thank you! 🙂 )

  16. TomfromKS says: Reply

    The Cat-In-The-Hat would play hockey. He?d play it ?cause he?d love to jockey the puck down the ice, it would be quite nice, and make a GOOOOOOAL if he?s lucky!

    My first post (I think) so be gentle 🙂

    Make sure to take good photos of the BEFORE so “O” can “remember the gool ol’ days” 🙂

    Love ya’s

  17. Kathou says: Reply

    Pick the cherries since the house is empty and they’ll rot on the ground. I’m sure that other neighbours are doing the same.

    Both are cute but I prefer Dr. Seuss and would let O pick his favorite.

  18. pick the cherries. They’ll go to waste otherwise.

    C’mon. Rainier cherries? Should be a no-brainer. 😀

  19. Karen says: Reply

    I like the robots best but I agree with several posts that O should choose. If you end up with the robots, does your sewing machine do embroidery? I just bought the cutest design cd from Dakota Embroidery (#970319) all robots.
    Since the cherries would just rot and there’s no one to ask for permission – go for it!

  20. Tricia says: Reply

    wow, you’ve got a lot of comments already.

    i have the same dilemma with this lemon tree on the dog walking route. only the house isn’t vacated but it has A MILLION wonderful lemons just begging to be picked.

    as for decorations, if it were my house o would have no decorations. rita’s walls are still beige.

  21. Joel413 says: Reply

    When my Mom did my room when I was 5 or 6, I /really/ wanted Tom and Jerry, or cars or something, and my Mom Veto’d them straight up with, “No.” Her reason being that as I grew older I wouldn’t want T&J anymore. She picked someething boyish, and I’m sure if I saw it today I’d think straight out of the 80’s, but what made it my room were the posters and personal things I hung on the wall and ceiling. My parents moved when I was 20, 14 years and we never had to repaint or re-do that room.

    When we did the boys room, we wrestled and debated about what to do in there, but since his room is so dark, we wanted bright colors to lighten it up. He has a few murals that Grandmas each did.. Thanks MOM, for veto’ing my wants and doing one for my son 😉 But ultimately it will be his choice if he wants to paint it again someday. And if he wants to go black… so be it. It’s his room.

    As far as the Cherries are concerned, I think as long as the house is vacant, they are up for grabs. Now if you were to turn around and sell them at the farmer’s market.. well…. that’s a different story, and when someone new moves in they are off-limits 😉

  22. Suzanne says: Reply

    I would eat the cherries.

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