A few more bits of Holden

I thought I would share a few more images from Holden. ?This first set is of the village from the “third level”. ?It is above the mine pictured in the previous post. ?The first is the original image. ?The second is a tilt-shift effect to make the village look like a miniature. ?But from the photo you can see how small the village is.




This isn’t the best image in the world, but it pretty much depicts what I wish I could do with the rest of my life. ?Sit on a mountain and stare over the edge at the beauty. ?No, that is not me in the photo. ?That is one of the youth we took with us.


The Third Level is a bit of a Holden garbage dump. ?The village recycles and composts nearly everything. ?However, when a bathtub needs replacing or a sno-cat can no longer be repaired it is dismantled and laid to rest on the third level. ?I have a whole series of photos from the third level, but I like this one the best.

Monday morning we took a walk in the woods and found little friends.



In our last few moments on the mountain we spent time making cairns. ?There is something very tranquil about stacking rocks.






This shot is from the boat landing in Lucerne. ?I should say, there isn’t really a town of Lucerne. ?It is simply a boat landing. ?Yes, this part of Washington does look like something out of the movies and there are times like this that I cannot believe what a beautiful place I live in.

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  1. Lee says: Reply

    OK- the last image is THE ONE for my bedroom wall. Love it! (Pweeeeesse…) 🙂

  2. Kim says: Reply


    in the second photo of the deer, is there an additional animal in the back right corner of this photo? It almost looks like a Bobcat body.

    The photos are beautiful.

  3. Elle says: Reply

    There is a second animal, but it is another fawn. There were 2 mamas and 3 babies in this particular spot.

    If it were a big cat it would have been a cougar, but those don’t come down until the snow starts. In this particular part of the mountains you are likely to find deer (on a daily basis), bears, cougars and big horn sheep.

  4. Beautiful photos!

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