A day in the life

The day after an overstimulation event (read: Halloween) can be a not so fun one no matter if your child is a PI kid or not. We have learned this the hard way. Of course did that stop us from participating in a halloween party? NO. So here are our consequences

The boy woke up at about 5:00 this morning. Did a little rocking and then went back to sleep. Around 6:30 he woke up again rocking and by this time it was too soon to the alarm going off that we decided just to get him and put him in the bed. Normally this is a good idea, but today his parents were more interested in catching that last 15-20 minutes of rest while the child thought it would be fun to sing and play. We paid no attention to him and thus began the whining. When the alarm went off at 7 we then paid attention to him.

I usually shower while CS and the boy play or read and then make coffee. Today we discovered that the boy does indeed know how to work a door handle. Where are those damn door knob covers? So I am just preparing to shave my legs when I hear the door knob jiggle and then all of a sudden there is a rush of cold air as the curtain is so rudely ripped back to reveal a little person proclaiming, “HI!!” My response? “CS!!!!” I scared the hell out of my child. I regret that one. Note to self: lock bathroom door.

Next we had another round of whining while waiting for breakfast to be prepared. This was only slightly subdued with a few Fruity Cheerios. Cheerios were followed by another round of whining when he now figured out that his father is smarter than him and has now locked the bathroom door.

With CS off to work I set in to do a project. Remember all of those things that I wanted to do before we left to become parents? There was a reason for that. I thought I would try to make some sort of semblance of my hole of an office. This included putting my quilting cart in the room and packing up all of my original landscape designs. The boy had other plans. His plans included helping me sweep the floor and oh! Whining. Finally he came in and said, “Dan! Peas.” There is no one in our house named Dan. This in boy speak is dance please. He wanted the music. So I put the CD in for the sing along book that we have. Of course he didn?t just want the music. He wanted me to sing the book to him. It is a book of the alphabet. There are 26 songs. He got all the way to O before he pooped out.

He finally wore me down and I abandoned my cleaning project. After getting dressed and doing our few morning chores we headed out for an errand. On the way home he tried to fall asleep in the car. I am now doing everything in my power to keep him awake for remaining 2 minutes of our car ride. We get home and this is when he said, “all done, di-dee.” And pointed at his crotch. One whiff indicated that he did need a change. As I am taking the diaper out to the garbage can I notice the cat has now puked on the floor.

Lunch goes by with few incident. A little spitting out of the food, food removal and finally the boy eating the last of the food. Nap time also goes well. Incredibly well. He slept for an hour and 15 minutes, woke up and I went in to put my hand on him. He falls back to sleep and sleeps another 20 minutes! This will come back to bite me in the ass somewhere around 1 am.

After naptime I change the wet diaper he has created. 10 minutes after that he comes to me and says, “poo-poo-poo, all done.” This is where I ask myself if I really want to think about potty training this child.

A nice long nap and a couple of good bowel movements my child is happy and sun-shiny. We head off to the grocery to pick up some things for dinner that I forgot on grocery shopping day. All through the grocery I hear, “Banana, Banana.” He had just eaten one before we left, but of course we are now out of them so I have to buy more.

The rest of the evening goes by just fine. Happy baby with little incidents of whining. A child litterally attached to my leg. His new trick it to hug my leg and not let go. When people call them “velcro children” this is what they meant. The kid will hold my leg while I walk all over the house.

Bed time also works well. The afternoon is the polar opposite of the morning. When is the shoe going to drop? Oh yeah… 1:04 this morning. Boy wakes up and starts rocking. 45 minutes later he is in the bed with us.

Please pray my day goes better today.

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