A Day in the City

We’ve been home 6 months and have yet to take the boy up to Seattle. We live 30 minutes south. The weather around here has been yucky and Pike’s on a yucky day is just that: Yucky. I grew up in the northwest and people often ask to look at my feet to see if I do have webbed toes, but I still hate getting wet. Walter the Weather Guy said it was supposed to be fairly nice on Saturday and for some reason I trusted him. This time he didn’t wrong me with his overly optimistic forecast. Although it was a gray day it was still nice.

We drove up in the morning and decided that Grossology was only going to run for another month so we better see it. We became obligatory members of the Pacific Science Center and entered through the gate. On the other side were throngs of families also there to sniff armpits and learn about snot. Now a 2 1/2 year old is a little young for the Grossology exhibit. It is best for a 6-14 year old boy. But of course it is an exhibit that wasn’t going to stick around so we had to check it out for ourselves. The smart parents would have gone to Grossology first, but we started at the membership office and went from there.

We saw animatronic Dinosaurs, learned about sea creatures, sat in a giant chair, saw a black widow spider and a tarantula, let the boy run like crazy and made our way to the Tropical Butterfly house. Dumb Elle left her camera in her bag so I didn’t get a single butterfly photo. That was the highlight of the trip. A few hours later we finally got to Grossology. Good lord! That place was packed and we had a little boy that missed his nap. We did a little armpit sniffing took a photo of a giant nose and left. Even I was getting over stimulated.

After we left the science center we took the monorail downtown. Good news! It didn’t crash or catch on fire! From Westlake we
walked down to Pike’s
and strolled around for a bit. And by stroll I meant the trust husband pushed the stroller while I had death grip on his back. I buried my head and tried to get through the market without anyone touching me. That didn’t work out so well. There is a reason we don’t go to the Market during tourist season. It is 10 times worse than this.

We played tourist in our own city and took photos of all kinds of stuff.

The original Starbucks.

Rachel the Pig.

Yummy snacks at Piroshky Piroshky.

Crab Season.

And of course the Space Needle.

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  1. You sure know how to pack a lot into a day! We’re lucky to just hit the Science Center before everyone is tired and wants to go home.

  2. hopingforgirl says: Reply

    we have only been up to Seattle once i think in all the time that we’ve lived up here. i have been there numerous other times though. my mom was born & raised in Seattle, then they moved to Eureka, CA then southern CA. so me moving back up to the NW has been kind of a “full circle” thing. does that give me a higher status, since my mom was born & raised here, then just being 1 of the thousands who re-locate from Cali?? ;P

    my mom is buried up there too 🙁 so it’s always kind of a sad thing when i go to Seattle. but i love the city. DH & I got the BEST, BIGGEST crab legs EVER when we went last spring!!! :P~ and we had to hit up IKEA too, lol.

  3. Yay Seattle. Loved my stay there – great Microbrews, good food, laid back people – they have the hippest youngest homeless people I’ve ever seen.

  4. very cool – thanks for sharing the pics.

    gosh, I miss Starbucks…

  5. Lauri says: Reply

    Looks cool… I have never been to Seattle…I hate crowds… that market would freak me out too…no pics of the boy to share… dont tell me your getting paranoid on me???? LOL

  6. DebiP says: Reply

    I have yet to come to your fair city…crowds don’t phase me at all but a whole day of it would….well start to bug me….Seattle is one place that I want to go to in the very near future..thanks for all the great pictures…

  7. Maggie says: Reply

    Other than the crowds (A Maggie panic attack waiting to happen) it looks like a great day! I used to travel for business and we had lots of clients in the Seattle area. Unfortunately the sales people put in requests for installers (my job) and we all ended up going to the same places over and over and over. I never made it to Seattle. (But I know Florida, DC, and Texas like the back of my hand.)

  8. Kate says: Reply

    All the time I spent in Vancouver, I kept meaning to get to Seattle…never made it, one day!
    Looks like a great day 🙂

  9. Debbie says: Reply

    Sounds like a very fun day. I’ve only been to the airport. Sounds like a fun place to visit.
    I like the new look.

  10. Fun! And as soon as we’re all well again, we must play … soon! Nori’s lonely …

  11. M- says: Reply

    Don’t ya just love the piroshky place? We go there every year on the last day of school. The last day of the year is always a half day, so I pick them up and we spend the rest of the day at the market, and then ride the train home. Last year, we also went down to “Ye Ol’ Curiosity Shop” on the waterfront for the first time. My kids spent about 2 hours in that place…they loved it.

  12. Souds like there is lots to do and see. that is great you did the touristy stuff with little O nap or not I am sure he had lots of fun!

  13. Jessica says: Reply

    You’re making me “home” sick for the northwest!! We should plan a trip to the Science Center next time we’re in town; I’m sure the boys would love to play together there! Are you still tentatively thinking about coming up this summer??? If so, maybe we can squeeze a trip into the Imaginarium or the zoo!

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