A brief interlude

Alternate title… who knew that could happen?

About 2 months ago Derek and I booked a trip to Disneyland for Oleg’s 6th birthday.  The plan was to leave on the 18th and return on the 23rd of October.  The plane tickets and hotel were paid for and the Disney tickets were already purchased.  5 days before we were supposed to leave Derek’s mom was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  We fretted all weekend long about how we could reschedule the trip.  Wonderful things happen and mom came through surgery with flying colors, is doing well and Derek’s sister is there.  Dad gave us his approval to take the trip.

Yesterday we spent the day traveling to Southern California for our great Disney adventure.  The whole day I kept remembering things I had forgotten to pack.  I forgot socks for the boy, the shampoo I made a point to purchase the day before we left, hair spray, my allergy medication, my curling iron and/or flat iron and a few other things.  Derek looked at me and said, “what’s wrong with you?”  Gee, I wonder.

Not to be deterred by the bumpy start to our trip we were determined to have fun.

The weather forecast this morning didn’t look that stellar.  I left Washington in search of sunny warm weather.  Yeah… not so much.

We ran errands to have breakfast and pick up a few of the things I had forgotten the off to the happiest place on earth.  The first rid was Pirates at the request of the child.  When we got off the ride it was pouring outside.  I have never seen so many poncho clad tourists in my life.  Tomorrow doesn’t look much better.  So bad in fact that I purchased umbrellas.  I will not let this rain ruin my Disney vacation.

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