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  • Got mah hair did

    Last week I got bored and thought I needed a change. ?It was so bad that I had a momentary lapse of reason and thought that I could color my own hair. ?At 34 years old I should know that that is a colossally bad idea. ?Lucky for me I had the child in tow […]

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  • Tried and failed

    I’ve come to a recent revelation that I’ve gotten fat. ?Of course fat is pretty relative. ?Let’s just say that, for me, I’ve gotten fat. ?I used to be verging on the edge of size 4. ?In the 3 years since I’ve started eating again, or otherwise known as I’ve become a parent, I’ve grown […]

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  • Need Beauty Advice

    Ok Ladies, I’m in need of some beauty advice. ?Today’s topic, foundation. I have a long history with foundation. ?I’ve tried many a brands, but nowadays there seems to be more and more cropping up. ?I thought I was happy with the foundation that I was wearing, but with the attention span that I have […]

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  • Because hair posts are always fun

    I think I should just post more photos. ?Or participate in photo challenges more often. ?Then you’ll comment right? ?Thanks for the compliments on the flower photos. ?That is something that comes very easy to me. ?Taking photos of people, not so much. ?One such person I’ve tried to photograph is myself. ?I have to […]

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  • The Beet Goes On

    I spent the weekend away with friends.? Tacoma Chickadee and Neal so graciously invited us to spend the weekend at a condo in Port Townsend, WA.? It’s only about and hour and a half away, but to me, going out to the peninsula always feels like getting away from the world.? I suppose that’s because […]