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I have more on the subject of politics after watching last nights news and reading my voters pamphlet this morning, but for now I have other things.

Like this month’s new look? I had a totally different them done, but I felt this one to be better for the month. Now this is no dis on the trusty husband’s company. If at some point in our life we are required to move to Wisconsin I will do so. But that doesn’t mean I’m sending my son to a Wisconsin college. Go Gophers!

In other child related news: in a desperate attempt to interact with my child I went to mega bulls-eye store to find a game to play. Yes, we have other games, but I needed something new and that had all the pieces. I originally planned on going to the learning toy store in town, but ran out of time. So we end up at mega bulls-eye store and I am faced with approximately 5 toddler games. Cootie (too many small parts for my child to fling about), Don’t Break the Ice (boring), Ants in Pants (I didn’t get this game as a child), Chutes and Ladders (a nice childhood favorite), and Candy Land (horrible screaming in my head from the internets to run far far away). I settled on Chutes and Ladders. The child likes ladders. He likes slides. No reading is involved and he can count to 6. Perfect.

The boy was very excited that we were purchasing a new game. We get home and he asks to open the game. Me: smug Mama with the “I’m the greatest” smile oblige and sit down to instruct my child in the time old tradition of Chutes and Ladders. Two seconds into the game the child issues me away. He wants to play on his own. I insist we play together. We are bonding dammit. After a grueling 5 minutes of play he’s done.

Last night he asked if I would play with him. I said yes, but I wanted to play our game. He wanted to play “ice cream.” That means flinging large wooden play ice cream around his room. I insisted we play a different game. He relented and we agreed upon The Goodnight Moon Game (of which we are already missing 3 pieces). After 5 minutes of that he decided that we could play Chutes and Ladders. I tried to talk to him about the concept of winning and how you win and what you have to do, but ooo! shiny ladders and slides! A whole 7 minutes into the game he declared it done.

At breakfast he asked if today was a work day for mommy. We said yes, but that I would be working from home today (like I do most days). I told him that I would play with him when I was finished with work. “OK!” he said, “but not Chutes and Ladders mommy.”

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  1. I like the new look. We have candy land but it has been put up for a while b/c Glenys decided she was a baby and didn’t want to pick it up one night. I told her big girls are the only ones that can play a game so I put it up until she decided to be a big girl. That was two weeks ago and she hasn’t mentioned it since. And she whips me every game.


  2. Lauri says: Reply

    Livi got the cooties game for her b-day, I have yet to take it apart- what is wrong with candy land? Livi loves it.

    I am looking for Mr. wiggly? anyone old enough here to remember that game?

  3. mom says: Reply

    Attn span of three year olds, two seconds. Game night will come soon enough and this will all come back to bite you. Maybe you’ll try hiding in the pantry…. but I’m thinking that thingy on the door handle won’t keep him out then!

  4. I can’t wait until mine is old enough for games and coloring together!

    Love the new tag line!

  5. Aww. I didn’t get Ants in the Pants as a kid either and I am glad you didn’t go for Candyland 😉

  6. Nancy says: Reply

    Thank goodness you heard our screaming in your head and ran from Candy land! I am currently being forced by a three old to play it at least once a day. Since I have all of five remaining brain cells and I loose one per game, you do the math.

    Hooray for chutes and Ladders, it is so much better, and I’m not sure why. It’s simpler and there is no crying if someone else get the the ice cream card or any other card with a picture and the three year old didn’t.


  7. Jackie says: Reply

    I’ve been following your blog for a while and have never commented, but the new look for the month forced me to! I was really hoping you would give Appleton a shot when I first read your post about that opportunity, but now I realize you’d never be happy in WI. This is coming from a Univ of Wisconsin alumnus and staff member (also married to a UW alumnus and an instructor at UW-Madison) and a huge Badger fan. Imagine my horror to read you would never allow your beautiful son to attend a WI college!! Oh the heartbreak! Gophers?? Really?? lol


  8. Jenny says: Reply

    I have never played chutes and ladders.

    And the gophers have an excellent hockey team!

  9. DebiP says: Reply

    very very selfishly GO WISCONSIN!!

    now for games…Griffin loves loves hi ho cheerio and trouble and hullabaloo and balloon lagoon, ker plunk and lite brite…he hates chutes and ladders…go figure both my boys do…I can usually get G to play these games all the way through…though he often says mommy this game is hard when we play trouble….but I know it is because he gets bored..se play with two games pieces each now and he does much better OMG and TOPPLE how could I forget topple…

  10. Always love your designs! (and they’re lately good for a laugh too).

    Too cute about the Chutes and Ladders.

    You should try Uno with him. He’s kind of young at 3, but isn’t he a little genious or something? 🙂 (Actually I think they have a “my first Uno” that’s simpler and with Winnie the Pooh or something — we have a Mario Brothers Uno). My (now 6) year-old LOVES Uno and Skip-Bo and we’ve been playing both with him for at least a couple of years. We’re starting the 3-year old out on Uno as a “partner” with Daddy.

  11. Lee says: Reply

    Your neice did the same thing with Chutes and Ladders. She really just “got it” when she was four and would sit still for the whole game. Yeah, Candy Land’s not the best. She still gets pouty if someone else gets the “ice cream” card before her. How about a matching game? Those are easy, and fun for them.

  12. Yeah! Memory! Mine also loved Uno, the Lorax (yes, it’s a game, too), Walk the Dog and hmm … Sorry and Trouble (or will be ready for them soon). My 5 and 7 year olds are now obsessed with chess … they’ll play for hours, and not fight. It’s really weird.

  13. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I’m digging the look of Feb.

  14. NEAL says: Reply

    Liking Feb’s look.

    Kudos to your copy writers.

  15. Raissa says: Reply

    Our three-year-old’s idea of us playing with him is for us to watch him play or allow him to climb all over us while holding the baby above our head. He likes to flick the spinner for Chutes and Ladders. Quality time usually involves… lunch at Nordie’s and riding the escalator. Seriously.

  16. Suz says: Reply

    It’ll get better Elle, I promise. I remember when D was turning 3 I ran and bought all the games but she didn’t really start loving games until 5. Then wait till 6 when if they don’t win it’s a nuclear breakdown! 7 loves to play games and can handle it if they lose – sometimes.

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