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Every so often we go through the process of updating our resumes in this house. Not so much because we have specific jobs in mind, but because we’re nerds like that and like that technical “if I can word it right I can get the job right” lingo. Ok, maybe we saw some job on for an executive level basket weaving instructor for underprivileged children in Uganda and think it might be fun to live with the homicidal maniacs.

So this afternoon I was talking with the trusty husband and we were trying to come up with skillz that could be added to my resume. Mind you I haven’t worked outside the home in close to 5 years.

Developed and took to market creative merchandising techniques for mass market – I made a latch hook kit look good in a gift basket for the church bazaar. Don’t believe me? Check this bad boy out! You wanna latch hook now don’t you?

Quick to adapt an take control of other special projects as needed – Look at me use my creative problem solving skills by using a pipe cleaner instead of floral wire to finish this bow. Whee!

Able to multi task – I finished aforementioned latch hook kit basket, tied bow and told the boy he couldn’t have more candy. All at the same time.

Manage web content and design – I blog

Basically, I am well qualified for a domestic engineer position with an emphasis in blogging. And I’m your go to gal for any church bazaar emergency.

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  1. Hey! I need to update my resume to send out for a new job I really want. Got any ideas for me? ;o) Obviously, I’m kidding. Your ideas made me laugh and reminded me to stop playing around and update my own resume.

  2. You go girl. We must talk. And don’t forget, I was homemaker/freelancer before I got current job. All ya gotta do is spin … 😉

  3. I’d hire you in a New York Minute. Mad Skilz indeed!

  4. Jenny2 says: Reply

    Pfffftt – you are a talented web designer. I can personally attest to that.

    As an employer, I’ll tell you this; it’s not what you’ve done, but it’s what you’re able to do.

    You can do anything. That’s clear.

  5. Jenny2 has it right! You can do anything you want to do, you just have to put your mind to it!

  6. DebiP says: Reply

    I love the church bazaar basket of craftily place rug hooking paraphernalia placed in front of the shot glass display…now that is something to add creative photography maybe even subliminal photography..

  7. Elle says: Reply

    I wondered if anyone else would notice the trusty husband’s shot glass collection in the background.

  8. Every resume on earth is trumped up in some form or another. I lost a job a few years ago and found myself out of work, in the state with the nation’s second worst rate of unemployment. Finding a new job was no easy task. I ended up with four different versions of the same resume — the trumped up version, the honest (albeit braggy) version, the slightly modest version, and the duh-I’m-an-idiot-give-me-your-monkey-job version.

  9. Please update my resume!!


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