5 minutes of bliss

When you are the parent to a 2 year old there are few moments in your day that are truly restful and relaxing. You are constantly worried that they are getting into something they shouldn?t be. Too quiet of a house is an invitation for disaster. Did he just press the eject button on the Xbox again after you told him 12 million times today NO don?t do that. Or is he stealing quarters out of the change cup and dropping them down the heat register. Did he grab the phone again and dial 911. This one didn?t actually happen to me yet, but I?m sure it will at some point.

That 5 minutes of bliss comes when the other half of your parenting duo comes home and you can… shall I dare say… go to the bathroom in peace. You squirrel magazines away in your little bastion of glory just to pull them out and read your page or two. Or you blissfully gaze at the fancy products you will never again afford in your life. The models that you will never look like. Why? Because you are the proud parent of a 2 year old. You haven?t seen your hair dryer in weeks and makeup… foundation if you are lucky.

It may not take you the whole 5 minutes to do your business, but by God you have the time sistah. Use them to their fullest

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