5 days people 5 days!

That is how long I have gone without sleeping. Sure I get in the bed and do a little cat napping, but no really good sleep. I like to sleep on my stomach, but my pillow is such that it cranes my neck and starts me on a coughing fit.  I can’t stand it anymore.  I am getting dumber by the minute.

To top it off my major job today was to make all the edits from the staff on the monthly newsletter.  Then it gets sent off to the final proofreader.  I try to give her 2 days for proofing, give myself a few hours to plug in any last minute stuff (of which there not better be any!) , make changes and then I run it.  This is the only publication that I do that I actually run myself.  Well… I go to open my newsletter document and for some reason my computer did not save it.  I had a partially finished one, but not a completed one.  All the work I did last thursday in my sickness was all for not.  I swear to God that I saved it.  I am so diligent about saving my work, because I don’t want this very thing to happen.

So I was at the church until 6:30 tonight completely re-doing all of my work.  I usually leave at 4:30.  When I realized that it was gone all I wanted to do was cry.

There are 2 scenarios that actually could have caused this little mishap.

1) The computer is plotting against me and refused to save my project.  This would of course mean that my computer had a brain and then I would have bigger things to worry about.

2) I did in fact forget to save the document.  While this is a very remote possibility but given my recent state of dumbness it is not out of the question.

3) My computer is just dumb.  The scanner is, so why not the computer too.


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  1. ohmigod. I so sympathize.

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