30 days and counting and some photos

We think the child’s poo issues are on the road to recovery. ?We still aren’t sure about his ability to ever have dairy again. ?Because of my own food related woes I don’t wish that on anyone. ?What I can say is that he’s been over a week accident free. ?This is a very very good thing.

Moving on…

Did I mention that I’m going to China for 15 days this summer? ?I may have mentioned it briefly, but haven’t gone into depth about it. ?On July 14th me and a friend are taking a group of 3 teenage girls to China. ?We are traveling with 2 other groups with an organization called ChinaConnect. ?Up until now this whole trip has been one of those in the distant future things. ?However, I leave in 30 days. ?That is one month and after today it will be LESS than a month. ?Did I mention it was 15 days? ?And the boys aren’t going? ?I waffle between simply giddy and freaking the hell out. ?I haven’t been out of the country in almost 4 years, I know about 5 words/phrases in Chinese (and one of them is NOT where is the bathroom) and I’m going with youth so I cannot drink the whole time. ?15 days? ?I can manage.

In all honesty I’m very excited to go on the trip. ?The kids we are taking are 3 amazing girls and the friend I’m going with is a very good one. ?I’m quite glad I’m going with her. ?This is the first long term youth trip we’ve done just the two of us. ?Usually Derek is with us. ?It is going to be an adventure that is for sure. ?Her job is to find the “safe” toilets in the places we visit and my job is to be the first one to go into them. ?Hey, I’ve peed on the ground in Mexico, I’m not proud.


In other life news… yeah, there is nothing.

Ok, maybe something.

The weed issue in our front yard had gotten so bad that Derek is now considering hiring a landscaper to come out and take care of it all. ?As in, she came to our house (at some point, we weren’t home) to look at it and she’ll give me a quote on Tuesday. ?Derek’s response was, “and I’ll turn around and write her a check.” ?And then I blacked out for a minute. ?My husband does not part easily with money for a project he can do himself. ?Back of our house fell off… we can fix that. ?We’ll see what the quote comes in at.


Now here, have some photos.


The boy thought he’s stick butter cups in his hat. ?Then mom and I made him wear it like g-money.


I can’t believe how big my girl is getting.


We have a hard time remembering she’s just an 8 month old puppy.

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