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Saturday we took the boy to get his hair cut. It was time. The botched cut I gave him a few weeks ago had grown out and was becoming noticeable. We took him to the SuperMall for the cut since I tend to like the people at the Kid Kutz there better than some of the other places locally. This time was no different.

He had a guy cut his hair this time and he did a fantastic job. Better yet, the guy asked if we wanted it spiky. I thought he was going to just spike it ol’ skool early 90’s style just in the front. Nope. This guy is a kids hair master. He slathered some goo on a comb and took two of them to give my child the best hair-do of his life. I want to take my kid there every day just so he can look like this.

Mainly because I got the biggest kick out of the looks we got walking through the mall. That’s why you have kids right? So you can do stupid shit to them.


Yesterday I spent the day with my Mother visiting my sister. My sister (Little*) is 7 months pregnant. We felt she needed a visit as mom wanted to buy her a crib for the baby. I lamented over this trip to see Little because she lives in Portland. That is a 2 hour drive from my house. 3 if you count the hour it takes to drop off my child at the trusty in-laws and drive out to BFE where my mom lives. This means 4 hours in the car with my mother. There was a time when Jenny2’s dogs would be preferred over this amount of time in the car with my mom.? Did I mention my mom has ADHD?

I arrive 1/2 an hour late and my mother greets me with a giant stuffed duck and giant stuffed lamb. One for the boy and one for my new nephew. (Consequently my child is in love with the giant stuffed duck.)

Of course I can’t go 2 hours without eating. No carbohydrate fillers makes me hungry all the time. I stop at the Starbucks in Hicksville and mom treats. She hands me her card and tells me her order. I order while she uses the “room.” Being the smart woman realizing she will be trapped in a fast moving vehicle with my mother for the next hour and a half I inform the Barista that we should just slip her a little decaf. I had my plan all set to sneak the decaf into her cup and she would be none the wiser. Sadly, Barista chick #1 didn’t let Barista chick #2 in on the little plan because when she called out my mom’s drink she announced “decaf.”

I walk up to the bar to retrieve my mother’s drink. As I return she has this look of horror on her face. “Decaf? That’s not my drink.”

“Mother, I ordered you decaf.”

“Decaf? What the hell?!”

“I am going to be stuck in a car with you for the next hour and a half. I don’t want to shove you out of the car somewhere around Winlock. You will drink the decaf and you will like it.”

The woman then goes on to bitch for the next 30 miles about the decaf. I may or may not have shoved her out.


Today was “Medicine Free Day” in our house. The boy has been taking Isonizid for the last 8 months. That shit is nasty. Poor kid. Every day, “Time to take your medicine.” “NOOOO” We’ve had that stuff thrown at us in every way possible. It was only in the last 2 months that he would take it willingly. So we decided months ago that the first day he didn’t have to take the medicine we would celebrate with a special breakfast out.

So this morning we woke up and headed out to our favorite restaurant for breakfast. Knapps. The boy thought he had died and gone to heaven. We’ve never been out to breakfast like that as a family. He dined on waffle and bacon and I even gave in and let him have chocolate milk (for breakfast). It was a nice time.

But the best part was when he woke up he got a gift from his Babada and his mommy. A giant duck and a shiny new pair of red chucks. He pulled the shoes out of the box and said, “RED SHOES.” (My child usually speaks in all caps) He proceeded to put the shoes on the shelf and play with the box.

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  1. Love the fauxhawk. Slugger sports one a lot. In fact, his adoption announcement photo has him in a fauxhawk. His ex-military foster dad is going to flip out.

  2. Love the hair.

    And, cute story about your mom. (Hope she’s okay! (from her fall, er, shove, you know) :)).

  3. Kris says: Reply

    Ooh! I love the hair. I mean loooove. And did they put *red* goop in it? Or am I on drugs (which is entirely possible)?

    So, I guess we are to understand from your story that somewhere between Tacoma and Portland there is a land wandering the roadside swearing about decaf? πŸ™‚

  4. I love doing stupid shit to my kid. The hair is FANTASTIC. And those red shoes sound fantastic as well….the decaf Starbucks? Wooooo, I’d die if someone slipped me decaf Starbucks.

  5. Diana says: Reply

    It’s just like kids to appreciate the box more than the shoes! At least he was excited about the sight of the shoes…it’s something. And free play time out of the box…can’t beat it.

    The hair was awesome!! That’s great that they’re so relaxed there (I’m living in TX…anything non-conservative is welcoming right about now). I can see why you go back.

  6. joel413 says: Reply

    For next time you can tell your mother that technically it’s not ‘DECAF’ it’s ‘LESSCAF’ as they don’t really get all the caffene out of it, just most of it.

  7. I’m glad to hear the trip to Portland went well – how’s the sis? Good luck getting the Starbuck’s baristas to talk to each other – maybe they train them to not communicate about orders (I’ve had similar situations occur, and it’s annoying). Seeing the boy’s haircut makes me want to grow Quin’s hair out! It’s quite cute! I hope that he’s off the medicine permanently!!!

  8. Tricia says: Reply

    love the ‘do. your boy is too cute!!!

  9. mom says: Reply

    Everyone knows… if ADHD people drink caffeine it has the opposite effect. So… my dearest daughter, the probability of me sleeping for the entire trip WOULD have been a strong possibility had you ordered me the drink I so desired. But even with the crappy coffee, I enjoyed myself immensely and had the most wonderful day with you.

  10. Willow says: Reply

    omg i swear i am falling in love with him more each day πŸ™‚

  11. Willow says: Reply

    and you know he’s going to grow up and be a punk like you so he might as well get started now πŸ™‚ and i mean that in a good way, i swear πŸ™‚ i’m a punk too and birds of a feather flock together πŸ™‚

  12. That thing you did to your mom? That is the kind of thing my sisters do to me.

  13. Sandy says: Reply

    The hair is color-coordinated with the bear… very hip!

    And you have a cool mom.

  14. Love the hair, too. I’m so used to being the mom with the kids everyone stares at… Not because of how adorable they are (which, of course, they are…), but because of the fashion battles I choose not to fight with them… Why NOT wear a bathing suit over your snow suit? Makes it hard to pee in time, but if it’s one less temper tantrum, so be it.

    I laughed about your mom… In our case, though, my daughter and husband are the ones with ADD and mom goes nuts once we invade her home in the summer. That car ride you dreaded? You can understand how hard two hour traffic jams are for us here–on a regular basis!

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