any rushing fluids?

I was laying in bed yesterday afternoon and the trusty husband came into the bedroom and says, “you know… that movie was terrible.” Since he made that movie he has upgraded his programs and such. He also made that particular movie in a bit of a hurry. I don’t care. I still like it. The boy doesn’t care about it at this moment. Hopefully in a few years he will understand.

As far as my condition goes. Heavy narcotics have helped the pain in my ear for short periods of time. Then I thought I would move out of the bed onto the couch last night. We were watching television when my ear started to make a gurgly sound and then kind of a slight pop. Then I heard rushing fluid. All of a sudden fluid was running out of my ear. Yeah, that can’t be good. A few calls to SIL the Nurse and then the doc’s office it was determined that my eardrum probably tore letting the backed up fluid out. Now the tinny sound is gone, but I have almost no hearing in that ear now. It sounds like when you get a ton of water in your ear. So all night long I would have gunk running out of my ear.

This morning I am feeling much better. Again, the drugs help. Still can’t hear, which is a good thing since I have given up the bed for the couch and am watching the George Movie for the bazillionth time. And the boy decided to bring one of his noise making toys out here. Ha! I can’t hear either!

Later this morning we are taking the boy for a well child check-up. This should be interesting. I am curious to see how much he has grown since November (his last visit). Then today is Dining out for Life night. We have “date night” planned with Tacoma Chickadee and her husband. I have tried to warn her that conversation may be minimal on my part seeing as I can’t hear a blessed thing.

With any luck by the weekend I should be able to move past fluff posts on to things a little more important.

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  1. Glad to hear (no pun intended) that you are feeling better. That ear explosion thing happened to my sister during church- but it was the start of her getting better very quickly.

  2. That pop and rushing fluid thing would have totally freaked me out. Great that SIL and a call to the doctor could put you at ease… so much easier than running out in the middle of the night!
    Hope that ear heals quickly now that the fluid is out. (I hate when I can’t hear, makes me feel extra anti-social for some reason)

  3. Lee says: Reply

    I was going to call to check on you, and am glad I looked for an update here first. I don’t think a long distance phone call would be productive at the moment. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better and have drugs to help make the rest of your healing tolerable.
    Take care and talk soon,
    SIL the Nurse

  4. M- says: Reply

    Its good to hear you are feeling better. It must be the season for ear infections my 8yr old has one right now. She came home from school and has spent the better part of the day with a hot pack strapped to her head. She woke up from a dead sleep this afternoon, sobbing from the pain in her ear. Ear infections suck!

  5. Man, it’s pretty obvious that you feel rotten. Rest up – and I hope you start feeling better.

    And tell the trusty husband that the movie is precious! 🙂 I’ve been working on our video of Little I, and it just doesn’t look nearly as good as D’s so-called “horrible” movie! And Pickle sure is a different little child, isn’t he? The few videos I’ve seen of him over @ UM – as compared to the one yesterday – make it really clear that he has so much love!

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