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I had to take a moment from the mind numbing work of rebuilding Sprouting Off to do something equally mind taxing.  I swear I’m a glutton for punishment.

Last week I decided that I was going to do all kinds of upgrades to Sprouting Off (I’ve been posting there quite regularly) and in the process messed up a whole lot of website.  Somehow I can’t easily recover the site and as punishment I have to rebuild it post by post.  2 years of post by post.  From SQL.  That last part means nothing to you, but it does me because SQL is one computer language I don’t know.  Gah!

In other news, the small child is sick.  Well, kind of sick.  Ok sick enough to stay home from school, but not sick enough to just lay there.  He and his grandmother shared some kind of illness and his came to a head last night in the form of throwing up.  Good news is this time he made it to the toilet instead of throwing up on one of his parents like he normally does.

In other other news, I sent off a whole bunch of stuff for Sweet Hope.  We officially filed the Articles of Incorporation with the State of Washington and I got our EIN number from the IRS.  Not that we plan to hire employees, but we need it for other paperwork.  In any case we are getting closer to the ever elusive 501(c)(3).  That is a whole different ball of wax.  I worked my way through the majority of the application form and our lawyer is helping me through the rest.  I just have to write a number of narratives about how we will conduct some of our business and this isn’t business that the board has previously discussed.  That means me writing the narratives and the board approving them, which requires a meeting.  Have I mentioned that starting a non-profit is not very easy?  Because it’s not.

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  1. Joel413 says: Reply

    It’s too bad you don’t know anyone teaching a 300-level college course in SQL.

  2. elle says: Reply

    he says after I’m 1/2 way through with putting the posts back.

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