2009 in review

I guess you are expecting a big drawn out post about what life has been like in 2009. ?Um, haven’t you been reading all along? ?If not if you look on the sidebar you will see a little section that says, “In the past.” ?That there is a link to my archives. ?You want to know what life has dealt us in 2009 just look there. ?It is neatly organized into monthly sections.

In the mean time I’m focusing on the single best thing that has happened (or is going to happen to me) to me in 2009. ?Tonight, as in 11 hours from now, I get to see Cake. ?My favorite band in the whole wide world. ?That’s right, it’s New Year’s Eve (my least favorite holiday evah) and I get to see Cake at the Moore Theater.

Oh yeah, we are also going to make a (second) grand attempt to eat at Serious Pie for dinner. ?That may take an act of God though.

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Happy New Year!!!! Bringing it in with fresh new ideas and joy! 2010 is gonna be the best year ever! Now… if I could just get rid of this snotty nose. (sigh)

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