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Over the weekend we went to Portland for the annual “Fancy Dinner.”  It was nice to get away with Derek.  I was able to toodle around Powell’s books for a little while.  I picked up 2 new garden books (1 vinatage).  While there I visited the Rare Book Room.  In all of the times I’ve been to Powell’s I’ve never been into the Rare Book Room.  Probably because I’m always there on Sundays and they aren’t typically open on Sundays.  I found a book of complete animal husbandry from 1675 that was selling for $500.  While I don’t have a use for such a book, the thought of looking at and holding a book from 1675 was pretty amazing.  What I did find that I must figure out how to purchase is this.  The illustrations are amazing.  This happens to be a 2010 reprint of the original, but the historical significance of this set is so valuable.

The items on my list that I did accomplish are eating at Pazzo and visiting the Japanese Garden.

Pazzo is a sustainable Italian restaurant in downtown Portland.  They have amazing food and I didn’t walk away hungry.

The Japanese Garden has been on my list of Portland places for a very long time.  While the admission cost is somewhat high for a garden ($9.50) it was worth every penny.  It gave me a huge amount of inspiration and reminded me of why I went into horticulture in the first place.  It is difficult to imagine how a garden can be so beautiful without a single blooming flower, but visit the garden in January and you will see what I’m talking about.

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