1st Head Trauma

It took a year of having the boy home before we had to make our first ER visit.? It was a year and a half before the boy projectile vomited on me.? Evidently it took 2 years to achieve the status of “survived bleeding head wound.”

I think this is the worst fear of mothers of boys.? We know it will happen.? Along with broken limbs, broken windows and random sports objects to the face.? We do our best to prepare for it, but honestly ladies… nothing prepares you for blood running out of your child’s head.

McScreamy woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.? Shocking!? Seeing as he had a very full week entertaining other people.? And why in the world would he want to make our Anniversary nice and relaxing?

We decided to visit a localish mall to check out its newest addition.? While there we figured many stores were having great back to school sales so we took advantage and did some shopping for the boy.? Near the end of our shopping experience the boy decided to pitch a fit.? Trying to haul off and punch his father fit.? Needless to say we left the mall.

Boy had nap.? Boy still cranky.? We endured the ebb and flow of screaming and not screaming and after a mostly eaten dinner he seemed to be in a better mood.? I reorganized the play room in my OCD fashion and the boy ran about squealing in delight over something I’m sure was mostly boring.? That is until he went running into my office to see his father and I hear “CRACK…” followed shortly by wailing.? It took me a minute to get up because I was doing my best to ignore him, but from the sound of the trusty husband I didn’t stay seated for long.

He started in on the silent scream, followed by a scream only dogs could hear.? My child, in his infinite wisdom, smacked the side of his head on the corner of the oak counter on my office craft table (which happens to be right at small child head height).

I grabbed him from the trusty husband to see if there was any damage and this is where that whole preparing for the eventual bleeding head wound part failed me.? My reaction was the complete opposite of what I had practiced.? Instead of the, “oh it’s ok honey, you just have an owee” it was more of the “Oh dear lord he’s bleeding.”? Throw in a horrified look for good measure.? Of course this caused the previously calmed down child to freak out even more, and a mother repeating, “it’s a head wound, they bleed a lot.”

I wouldn’t call it “trauma” per se.? As to not freak out the grandmothers.? Once we got the whole thing cleaned up we discovered it was a small 5cm cut that was really no big deal.? More of a big deal for me than anyone else.? But still…. Lord help me when he starts hockey in October.

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  1. Tricia says: Reply

    oh my god we have had an awful weekend of grumpy, demanding seven-year old. i want to run away without my family. want to join me?

  2. Lena says: Reply

    Hockey + little boy = has to wear lots of protective gear.

    Throw in his heritage, he’ll be fine during hockey practices as will you.

    But as a mother having your children injured and screaming is one of those heart-stopping-frozen-in-time moments, I hate them and it doesn’t matter how much you plan for them. I’m glad everyone is OK.

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    Yikes… hope he is feeling better now.. that is traumatic

  4. Oh, the joy of parenting a boy. We haven’t had head trauma here yet, but we have had a broken bone!

  5. Ani says: Reply

    I shudder to think about this… The way my kid runs around like a chicken without a head, its a wonder we haven’t hit this milestone yet, but never fear, it WILL happen for us too.
    Hope everyone’s recovering nicely from the incident.

  6. mom says: Reply

    Happy Anniversary! As for freaking us grandmas out… well too late. Your blogs newest post title is listed on my homepage. I’m awake now!!!

  7. What? No stitches?! No Staples?!

    OK, I can laugh about it now, but at the time it was not fun. BTW I ran a mile in pouring down rain looking for a Taxi in Seattle to try and get home… and what was he doing when I got there? Jumping on the bed that he fell off of just a few hours earlier…

  8. Lee says: Reply

    I surely hope you mean it was a “5mm” cut and NOT a “5cm” cut-BIG difference! 🙂
    I dont’ really think it was “in his infinite wisdom” that he hit the table-just a boy playing and not watching for head-height tables.
    Hugs to nephew,
    Auntie Lee

  9. Elle says: Reply

    yes, 5 mm cut… sorry. No staples, no stitches, but blood on the pillow this morning from irritating while rocking.

  10. Jenny got to witness the Baby Girl’s first head injury lately. Ugh. What’s with head injuries and all the blood. (I know what’s with the blood scientifically … just not gag-refluxly.)

  11. Heather says: Reply

    What, No ER visit? You haven’t truly experienced “boys” yet. Ethan required stitches on his 2nd birthday. Although Laura isn’t a boy, she sometimes (Ok, well all the time) runs around without looking and has already required stitches. Both within two months of each other and while Matt was in D.C. Let me tell you that was fun and I was preggo with the third too.

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