$19.95 closer to being fatter

This morning the trusty husband suggested we go up to Snootyville to do some window shopping.? I say window shopping because it was really an excuse for him to go to the Apple store (which, you know, I certainly did not want to do.? Cause I love my PC and all. *cough* fullofshit *cough*).? I didn’t have anything else major planned for the day (mostly because I slept through the night and didn’t think up stupid home improvement projects for us to do. well, that and dreamed of sherpas *note to self: read less books about climbing Mt. Everest).? I agreed to go to Snootyville and I must be getting laxed about life because I didn’t insist that we go through the car wash first seeing as my truck is mostly brown right now.

We wander about Snootyville Mall and do our best to “window shop,” but we all know there is something we will eventually find that needs purchasing.? I was hoping it would be a new iMac, but sadly our checking account came up $1699 short of the $1700 we needed.? The trusty husband was hoping to catch a glimpse of the new MacBook Air, but they didn’t have any in yet.? I did my best to avoid the shoe department at Nordstrom, why?? I have no clue.? I didn’t want to depress myself I guess.

We visited Pottery Barn, but they had nothing since they were trying to sell everything off in order to remodel the store.? Next door was Williams & Sonoma where I scored the deal of the century.? Not so much a deal, but something I’ve wanted for a while now.? I found the best pasta cookbook evah!? It is the basic W&S Pasta book.? It’s full of great recipes and techniques for those of us nerds that feel the need to make their own pasta.? I love to make pasta.? Almost as much as I love to eat it.? The sight of boxed spaghetti makes me cringe.? That $19.95 threw my little non-diet right out the window.? I know I can make whole wheat pasta, but what’s the point.? It never tastes as good.

In other shopping related news, I purchased 2 Lush products for my face.? The chapped ass look wasn’t working for me so I thought I would bite the bullet and shell out the cash for a product I know will work.? I almost took votes from you, oh wise internets, but I know what will work and what won’t.? I just wanted to be a comment whore like that.? I ask advice on something and you all comment.? I love it.

The trusty husband did pick up 2 pair of dress pants, but that doesn’t affect me so it’s not super important.? What is worth mentioning is that while I was out in the mall waiting for him to pay and reprimanding my son for being a bit of a crap-head in the store the child decided to throw a fit and ram his head right into my face.? Kid split my lip open a bit and really really pissed me off.? Fun times.

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  1. Ree says: Reply

    I read Everest books too. 😉

  2. Amy says: Reply

    OMG…i love reading life of elle. hilarious. i hope the lip heals.

  3. ouch. now you need to go BACK to Lush and get a new product to heal your lip.

  4. Head in the face. Ouch. I took Slugger’s head right to my lip and then later to my cheekbone a couple of weeks ago. (Both in the same morning. The lip hit was accidental — just from an over zealous hug attempt. The second was from his throwing a fit over accidentally hitting me. (Go figure.)

    At least you got some goodies today. Maybe Lush makes something for split lips?

  5. Raissa says: Reply

    I need the hook up with your Lush-ness. Otherwise I will be walking the streets with Vaseline on any exposed skin.

  6. kate says: Reply

    Split lip? Not so fun.

    LUSH and pasta? Way, WAY fun.

    Whadya get? Whadya get? I swear by LUSH. Never at them.

  7. Ah, I found myself in a snooty mall as well with an overwhelmed and overtired toddler. I got smacked in the face and my glasses flew ten feet. Good times. A goalie mask may be our only defense.

  8. mom says: Reply

    Oh…..I’m most certain your son is gonna have a temper! Interesting stories of family life will flourish from your home and give us all a good chuckle. Hang in there while tantrums erupt……you’s still da boss!!!! Tempers and toddlers; Lot’s of hair gray hair and adult sad faces! Sending happy thoughts your way.

  9. Never heard of Lush and refuse to google because I don’t need another expensive habit.

    I take head butts to the face daily – she has given me 2 blackish eyes and 3 fat lips in the past 8 months. I hate having to play defense.

  10. I love this post. It is so so so real and honest. Exactly how I feel about going shopping in the “snootyville” mall back home with the Apple store.

    Maybe you and Lauri should hang out… I think Livi made her lip split, as well.

    ps – What the heck is Lush?

  11. Jenny says: Reply

    I love LUSH. Discovered them in the UK in college while chasing after an inappropriate boy. Rediscovered them with my very own TH, but haven’t bought much in a while. Like the bath products, but don’t have a good bathtub to use them in. sniff. But for the face, I like Origins.

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