100 Things

Rhonda posted her 5 weird habits and it got me thinking. (I hate memes by the way) I tried to think of my 5 weird habits and I couldn’t come up with anything good. I am sure my mother could name them in about 2 seconds. I had an easier time coming up with 100 things about me. So here you go:

1. My middle name is Ellen.
2. I was given that name after my grandmother, who has the same middle name.
3. My first name is not Elle, that would be silly (Elle Ellen)
4. I got married at 20.
5. I am still married.
6. To the same guy.
7. I wasn’t even pregnant when we got married.
8. We waited 7 years before trying to have kids.
9. We have a son 1/2 way around the world.
10. He isn’t officially ours yet.
11. The first time I traveled out of N. America was to meet the boy.
12. I have been to about 1/2 of the US States.
13. I love to read.
14. I read about 7 books at a time.
15. I never get rid of books.
16. I refuse to buy used books.
17. I have a fear of dirty houses.
18. I blame my mom for that.
19. I am good at a ton of things, but am an expert at nothing.
20. I have tried nearly every craft known to man.
21. I am a very visual learner.
22. I taught myself how to knit.
23. I taught myself web site design.
24. I drive a German car.
25. I am trying to figure out how long I can keep the car before having to trade it for a more “family friendly” vehicle.
26. I hate messy car interiors.
27. I am anally organized.
28. I like to browse at Office Depot.
29. I love containers to store things in.
30. Rubbermaid is my friend.
31. I am a workaholic.
32. I have 3 paying jobs, 1 non-paying “job” and I am involved in multiple activities.
33. I want to start a charitable foundation to assist orphans overseas.
34. I love hockey.
35. I was so sad during the NHL lockout that I watched pee-wee hockey.
36. I was so desperate for hockey, I learned how to play.
37. I play left wing.
38. I have an obsession with shoes.
39. Not just my shoes.
40. I look at everyone’s shoes.
41. I am not allowed to the Nordstrom shoe sale unsupervised.
42. I taught myself artistic photography.
43. I own 4 cameras.
44. I hate to do laundry.
45. I refuse to fold socks.
46. I will leave socks in the dryer for a week.
47. I have a love/hate relationship with craft shows. I love to go get ideas, I hate that I could do that at home, but never make money off of it.
48. People irritate me. They are late, overly opinionated, and refuse to hear anything different.
49. My grandfather taught me the value of a valid argument. Thanks!
50. I should have made him proud and been a debater.
51. I was an average student in high school, but was honor roll in tech school.
52. I have 2 cats. I love them very much and carry them around like babies.
53. I used to dress my childhood cat up in my doll clothes. She didn’t like that.
54. I am a neat desk person. I leave my desk neat and clean at the end of the day.
55. I am perpetually on time. I hate to be late. If I have a 2:00 appointment with a client I will ring their doorbell promptly at 2.
56. I have OCD when it comes to knick-knacks in my house. Don’t move the white head or I will rip your arm off.
57. Every picture in my house is perfectly level and will not move. I fun-tacked them to the walls.
58. I rearrange the plants in my front yard for fun.
59. I design people’s landscapes for a living, but can’t design my own.
60. I can fill up every box on a Starbucks cup. (double tall decaf soy peppermint no-whip mocha) It is a sickness really.
61. I am lactose intolerant, but still eat ice cream and cheese.
62. I try to sneak drinks of milk, but regret it in the end.
63. My favorite soft drink is Coke, but I don’t drink it any more. It is like crack to me.
64. I don’t like candy or cakes.
65. I love cookies and pie.
66. I didn’t like chocolate until I had a fibroid removed. I didn’t ask for that when I signed up for the surgery.
67. I love the beginning of every season. About mid-way through I wish the weather would change.
68. I collect international folk art.
69. I don’t mind spiders, but Wolf Spiders freak me out. You can hear me scream 2 miles away.
70. I make D kill them.
71. I grew up in a penecostal church, now I am a fairly conservative Lutheran. But you wouldn’t know it if you met me.
72. I have a nasty habit of picking at my face. I pick until there is a big red mark. I hate it, but I can’t stop.
73. I am an adoptee.
74. No, I don’t want to know who my biological parents are. My real parents raised me from birth. They are the greatest parents ever (despite crap we went through).
75. My parents divorced when I was 8. They both married really bad people, divorced those and now found the people they were meant to be with.
76. I love my Step-dad and Step-mom very much.
77. I have an 8 year old sister.
78. I will always win the “guess who’s family is wierder” contest.
79. I have been told I am a very reflective person.
80. I will always be honest when I tell you what I believe.
81. I am a very schedule oriented person and hate change. I will pull a rain man if things are not the way they useually are.
82. We have moved 12 times in the 9 years we have been married.
83. We are not military.
84. 2 of those moves were across the parking lot.
85. I have quit my job twice without having anywhere else to go.
86. I used to work for Hallmark.
87. They brainwashed me and now I can’t buy anything other than a Hallmark card.
88. I will make a card before I buy anything else.
89. I can tell if something on the wall is not straight. It will eat at me.
90. I admire my mom. She had the courage to leave 2 men who were not good for her.
91. I didn’t discover this admiration until last year.
92. I have a fascination with foreign culture. I think it is because I don’t know what my true ethnicity is.
93. My favorite holiday is my birthday and my least favorite is New Years.
94. I am a middle of the afternoon person.

95. The clothes in my closet are organized. Turtlenecks, tanktops, regular t-shirts, nice t-shirts, 3/4 length sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters, pants, skirt. It all has to be put back in the correct section.

96. Dishes in my cupboards are also organized. Every dish has a specific place. It makes sense to me, that way I can find what I am looking for. D puts things away in the wrong place sometimes and it takes me weeks to find it.

97. The aforementioned white head was created by me in the 8th grade. It has moved from house to house and always sat next to the TV. I came home from a business trip and D had bought a new TV. The head no longer fit so it had to be moved. I was nearly catatonic for days afterwards. People move the head just to screw with me. Same with the green bible.

98. I ring handbells and my book MUST be in alphabetical order.

99. I call a stool a biggener. I am short so a biggener is essential to life. Biggener: n- a device that makes one bigger.

100. When I start something new I have to learn everything about it. I spend hours researching its history. I buy books on the subject. I have books on photoshop, front page, Spanish language, Russia, adoption, hockey, quilting, landscaping, organic gardening, Buddhism. You name it I have a book about it.

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  1. Anonymous says: Reply

    Yikes!!! You sound an awful lot like someone I know. ME! Guess It takes one to know one (OCD). Pity our poor husbands and families for our lack of self control. When you can step back and look at yourself like you have it’s amazing how it makes you understand how and why the world reacts to us like they do!! We’re nuts. Oh well… Still love you more then anything.
    Yep its,
    Your Freaky Mom

  2. Rhonda says: Reply

    Oh we could never be roommates. You would KILL me. I have never been accused of being a neat freak,let me put it that way.

    I also posted 100 things, but I put them in my August archives so they’re the first post of my blog.
    Isn’t is SO hard to come up with 100 things? It took me days!

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    cool- great way to get to know you better- we have alot in common


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