How did you get into hockey?
I get this question quite a bit. It all started back in college (or early years of marriage.) CS would stay home and I would travel for work. He and his buddy Sam would get together and drink beer and watch hockey. So when I came home on the weekends I too would be subjected to drinking beer and watching hockey. I could think of worse things. Anyway, since I have the attention span of a cricket I thought the game was pretty interesting. Fast paced, fun to watch and the rules are fairly simple to understand. Therefore, I became a huge hockey fan. Now those who know anything about hockey know that in the 2004-2005 “season” there was a strike. Thus resulting in no hockey to watch. We have digital cable so we started watching college hockey. Fun, yes, but not the NHL. So I was driving down the road one day and really in need of a boxcapade fix when it occurred to me that our parks department must have some kind of learn-to-skate program. Sure enough the did! So I signed up. Lucky for me there was another adult in the class. It ended up being me, another woman and about 12 boys aged 8-13. Man did I feel old! Anyway, I loved skating so much that I started buying all the gear to start playing. By January of 2005 I had the gear so I signed up for a team. I will say that I am world\’s worst hockey player, but hey man at least I play!
What was living in Vegas like?
Our time in Las Vegas lasted about 6 months. It was from May to November and of course it had to be one of the hottest summers on record. We visited the Hoover Dam in July of that year and the temperature was 130 degrees. Now THAT is hot. When you live in Vegas you avoid the tourist areas (aka the strip) as much as possible. City planners were even smart enough to build a road to get from one side of town to the other without having to go onto the strip. The road goes underneath. It is a 24 hour town, but everyone is always in a hurry to get there. I will say that I loved Vegas. I hate being cold so the warm was nice. There was always something to do and our family and friends came to visit us.
I’m not on your blogroll you stupid bitch, why not?
It is true, you may have been on my blogroll on another blog, but not here. Too bad for you. This place is all about me, not you. My blogroll is for me to navigate the blogs that I read most frequently. I’m lazy like that. I may still read you blog even though I don’t have you linked. *similarly… I got moved to a different category. Why? refer you to above. This is my blog. My place and I pay for it. You get to read it because I let you. There are some awesome ladies that have held my hand and stood by me through so really rough stuff in my life. They are my sisters. I love them to death and would walk over fire for them. Until you have gone through the pain that we have you just don’t know. Leave it alone and be happy that I have you linked in the first place.\
Why Adoption?
Like most couples we decided to try it the “old fashioned” way. Well… that didn’t work our quite as we had planned. I am the “granola” type of gal and wasn’t so much into turning myself into a lab experiment. So adoption it was. We later found out the root cause of our quasi-infertility. Although it is a personal matter I don’t mind telling, but only if you ask nicely.
Why Siberia?
Technically our son is from the Russian Far East. Close enough and cold enough that we just call it Siberia. We didn’t so much pick the region. We picked the agency and that happened to be where they worked. Lucky for us since we have friends that live in our son’s hometown.
Don’tcha wanna get pregnant?Sure. I hear it is a fun experience. If that happens to be in my cards at some point in life then so be it. Personally I am quite fine without the weight gain, morning sickness, having to get cut open to have a child (yes, mine would be a c-section) and the up all night with this floppy crying baby. I get to play with my son now. Mud pies anyone?