You Capture: Sweet

Believe it or not I’m taking this one?literally. ?Or maybe it is just that I don’t want to be like the masses and work every theme into a photo of my child. ?Not that he isn’t sweet. ?That was my original plan, to take a photo of him, but I couldn’t come up with anything good. ?Instead you get a photo of a sweet and a story to go with it.

One of the worst things about having SAD* (or any kind of depression) is that effects your relationship with your friends and family. ?No matter how you fight it the people around you know. ?This is most apparent with my child. ?Doesn’t that make you cry. ?It does me. ?He regularly asks me if I’m having a smiley day. ?Hearing that from your 4 year old is enough to break your heart when it is certainly not a smiley day. ?In addition to the SAD I can get pretty bad PMS symptoms. ?Combine the two and you have the perfect storm of cranky. ?Around here, when mommy is cranky so is the boy thus causing a horrible cycle of whining. ?I’m am getting better at identifying when this is going to happen and am trying to prevent it. ?Sometimes it works and sometimes, not so much. ?I got lucky this week and found a little respite for both of us. ?Cooking.

My child loves to cook and we just haven’t done enough of it together lately. ?I recalled a post that Suz did a while back that looked like a good plan. ?It was for world’s most dangerous chocolate cake. ?Think about this… a child that loves to cook and a mommy with PMS. ?Take that crabby! ?An activity and chocolate cake in 5 minutes. ?Of course we had to take photos.


The photo doesn’t make it look terribly appetizing, but trust me… it was pretty good for a cake you can make in the microwave in 3 minutes. ?It was more like a cross between a cake and a brownie, with a touch of Wacky Cake (only not as good). ?I would have cooked a little less. ?I know you’ll email me for the recipe so here it is:

4T Flour
4T Sugar
2T Cocoa
1 egg
3T Milk
3T Oil
splash of vanilla

Supposedly you can mix this all in a coffee cup, but I opted for a bowl since I was working with an exuberant 4 year old. Then dump the batter into a coffee cup. I selected my giant Starbucks mugs, but a regular cup would work too. Microwave on high 3 minutes (a little less if you have a powerful microwave). It will rise up over the top of the mug, but that’s ok. It settles back down once it’s done cooking. Let cool a little bit and use a rubber spatula to scoop it out onto a plate. It would be really good with ice cream (but since I can’t really eat that… I had it plain).



*Seasonal Affective Disorder

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness.
    That is the most dangerous recipe I’ve ever heard.
    (Thank you. From the bottom of my heart.)

  2. P.S. FAB capture. Love the angle, love the colors, love the PP.

  3. Great photo. And I’m totally trying that recipe.

  4. Corey says: Reply

    I have made it twice before. yes….very dangerous!

  5. T&T says: Reply

    cool – someone else said once that was terrible? I may have to try it

  6. YUM, I’m totally trying that recipe too. Nothing improve a day like a large serving of chocolate. Hope your days get better!

  7. mom says: Reply

    How can you go wrong with chocolate? Um…

  8. Ali says: Reply

    looks amazing! sweet pic 🙂

  9. kate says: Reply

    hey–when do we get a SWEET new blog design?

    (tried this awhile back and didn’t like it. i’ll stick to “scratch” brownies. they don’t take much longer…)

  10. Kim says: Reply

    Okay…now I’m going to save this recipe (thanks for posting it btw) and make some tomorrow. Wish I could reach through this screen and take it and eat it now. Great photo too!

    I hope that you’re having a great weekend. I played along too and I’d love for you to come on over. 🙂

  11. I’m just finding your blog and I love it! I think you are funny and smart and fabulous. I love your design too.

  12. Looks yum!

  13. What a wonderful way to spend some sweet time with your boy. And the end result is something delicious that puts a smile on your face!

    Thank you so much for sharing the recipe! I have all the ingredients and plan on making it with my 5 year old son this weekend! It just so happens that I have some vanilla ice cream in the freezer too! Perfect!

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