Work is work

When you work for yourself it’s like working two full-time jobs but only getting paid for one (maybe) part-time one. ?I would like to say that this gig of graphic arts pays makes me rich and famous. ?That would be the furthest thing from the truth. ?In reality I’m lucky if it pays my cable bill.

I spend 90% of my time looking for the next project. ?That is a rather boring proposition especially since what I’m met with is either lots and lots of no or getting a job and then totally getting screwed by the client. ?It’s not fun. ?I’ll go for months at a time where there is nothing to do. ?No one needs updates. ?No one wants a fresh new look. ?No one has the money to pay me for the various services that I provide. ?Hell, in an act of desperation last month I went shoe shopping with my cousin for shoes of ill repute. ?Just in case I needed to pick up a side job if you know what I mean. ?After all, we still need to put a new roof on our house. ?I’m jus sayin’.

However, there are times when a whole buttload (yes that is a technical term) of work comes down the line and I then spend my whole day playing legos with the boy because oh mah hell the amount of work I have to do… oh look! ?cookies.

At the current time my list of work includes:

  • Finish 3 church brochures
  • start and finish 3 more church brochures
  • finish a ministry book and accompanying response booklet
  • change the colors on the church website
  • design a website for the preschool
  • design a section of the church website for faith formation
  • upgrade a client’s website
  • finish a splash page and redo graphics for another client’s website.
  • test all of my client’s themes in the newest version of WordPress
  • Redo the Free Range Media website
  • Redo the Stella Coom website
  • Finish up the Sweet Hope website
  • and about 30 other things I haven’t thought of yet.

Don’t you want to be me?

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  1. I kinda sorta am you, but this week’s list is all medical clientele. Yay for graphic surgery pics! Wanna drink?

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