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  1. lauri says: Reply

    comments are slow all around…
    I have those same feelings now & then, but when I stop creating blog posts in my sleep… then I will know its time

    hang in there.. we are here

  2. Neelie says: Reply

    Why not get one of those counters that shows how many visitors you’ve had, where they are from etc? I think a lot of us are readers, not writers, hence the lack of commentary. Which does not = lack of interest.

  3. And then, there are those of us who have blogs set up in readers and it’s all we can do to keep up with them. I do click over to yours, since it only partially appears in the reader, but I rarely comment because of the time issue.

    I rarely get comments anymore, either, but my take is that I’m blogging for ME to remember life as it once was…and if others get entertainment/help from it, then great. Otherwise, it’s a great outlet.

  4. kim hartman says: Reply

    only stop if it’s what you want to do.

    I check here everyday for an entry and always enjoy reading them.

  5. elle says: Reply

    I’ve had an invisible stat counter attached to my site the entire time I’ve had it. In the history of Life of Elle I’ve had 250,000+ visitors and 1800 this month alone. I average 90-100 visitors a day. It used to be 300+ visitors a day.

  6. Ah, I blog for me now. I don’t care about comments. I like to be able to go back and find something that happened or helpful etc.

    I read, I just am not commenting much anymore. Too kid brained to write like an adult.

  7. joel413 says: Reply

    Do you get enjoyment from writing your blog? Or is it a chore? Sadly I like blogs because it keeps me involved in my friends’ lives. otherwise I’d feel like I’d have less friends.. or maybe I’d have something to talk about with my friends… although I feel like facebook and blogs have given me more to talk about because otherwise it’d be stuff we didn’t talk about before anyway.

    That and I’m too lazy to call anyone anymore, or even schedule social activity.

  8. mom says: Reply

    Rarely did I get comments on mine and it wasn’t till quitting did an uproar begin! Not on my blog but in person. Why is the need for comments deemed necessary for you. I agree with Joel…
    Write for the love of it! If it has become a chore, set it aside and return when you’re feeling creative! By the way, I read it all the time. A connection with YOU… be it through email or this is better then nothing at all.

  9. Carrie says: Reply

    Do you only do it for the comments? I stopped blogging when I realized that I was boring myself. Sick kids and potty training are not subjects I can write passionately about. I’m still here, after all these years, still with you on this blog. I’ll try to comment more!

  10. Wendy says: Reply

    Uh, bad readers! Sorry about that! I now have 2 4 year old boys, each with issues, so my commenting time is limited. I just read and run, but I do read!!!

  11. Kim says: Reply

    I read every day… there’s just not as much to comment on I guess? You’re busy with Oleg and life, I’m busy with my son too. I still like to know what’s up in the Elle household.

    How about more about what’s going on with your gorgeous boy? That was what brought me here to begin with. You were so damn funny!! I still think about your version 3.0 post and laugh hysterically. You have a gift with words, for sure!

    I think so many readers came because they were going through the same thing as you were… an international adoption. Now we all have our kids home and there are different challenges and none of us have the time we used to.

    We’re in process for little brother, and I am once again looking for blogs and active with people that are in process. But for my part, I will try to comment more. We are still here Lisa, and we still love you!!

  12. Heidi says: Reply

    Whaaaa… I’d miss you!

  13. Comments seems to be sparse every where as everyone uses readers. Honestly, I don’t get to read your blog regularly because you do partial feeds. I tend to read in my reader on my phone and save those I want to go back and click through to comment on when I’m on my laptop. Partial feeds always pile up until I have time to go through and read them at the computer.
    My blog stats are PATHETIC these days but I’ve decided I don’t care. I do it for me and the few relationships I maintain through blogging.

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