What I’ll do for a night out with my husband

As you all (or most many some) of you know I’ve been participating in a weekly Chalk Drawing contest here in our fair city. It is a fun event with the opportunity to win stuff. Not that I’m competitive in any way shape or form. I get out. Kinda socialize. Ok, I put my head down and draw. I’m not taken too seriously in my city as an actual artist, local blogger or anything more than just a mom. This is my way to show the world otherwise.

I had the good fortune to actually win one week and I’m convinced it’s because it was still early in the competition’s lifespan and well… there was little else to vote for. That’s not true. I won fair and square. But for the past few weeks I’ve felt a little defeated. Again with the not being taken seriously as an artist in my community.

Two weeks ago I was complimented for my lettering skills. That is a difficult feat for me. I’m a slave to the computer when it comes to lettering. Last week I drew a killer dragon that earned me 2nd place. Of course there are no prizes for second. And I did that dragon with near bronchitis. This week I went with abstract again. I’m hoping to garner enough votes to actually win.

Why? The prize my friends, the prize. A luxurious night out at an extremely high end downtown condo with a guided tour of some underground spots and art studios. Heaven. Pure heaven. Now I just need votes… Go here and do so.

As a bonus for voting for me you get a great photo of me and the boy…

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  1. mom says: Reply

    Oh my Gawd…I love that photo and it’s a must have!

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    Cute pic….. hope you win

  3. that’s a great photo!

  4. Amy says: Reply

    What a terrific picture. obviously, a happy family!

  5. Nash says: Reply

    Wow – that is really awesome. What talent you have! I hope you win, a night out would be a great treat.

  6. Heidi says: Reply

    So, I wanted to comment on the “slap with the reality stick”.
    It is a shame that depression is not talked about more. I have it too. It was refreshing to read your words – mysery loving company and all. SAD – believe I have that too, another one not talked about much.
    Sometimes I am ashamed of it. I am trying to be proud to be doing something about it now though, because I have so many family members that don’t acknowledge it in their own selves… so I need to be proud I’m working so hard on me. Always working through it.
    Good days and bad days.
    Any who, thanks for sharing. Otherwise you’d just be another blogger I frequently read and think, “wow, she’s all together and everything!”. We all have something, right?
    p.s. love the art!

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