What Happens in Seattle, Stays in Seattle

*Strange Family Contest Update*

Raissa wins.


Every year (ok the past 2 years) we spend the evening of the Torchlight Parade at the fancy schmancy Rainier Club in Seattle.? The trusty husband’s best friend is a member and as his obligatory yearly Uncle to the boy duty he buys tickets for us and we spend the evening indulging in free shit.? Booze (that isn’t actually free because Andy pays for it), food and cool stuff like bouncy slides and henna tattoos.? The cool part is a friend of Andy’s goes and she is my excuse to get a little stoo-pit sometimes (like drink too much and get a little slobbery over firemen).

Last night was our night and of course Elle has a fancy new camera (ok, not sooo fancy, but it fits in the palm of my hand and affords me to take stoo-pit pictures).? So if you click on the one of the photos to the right it will take you to my Picassa account where you can see said stoo-pit photos.? Or what I like to call, what happens when Elle and Julie have had too much to drink.

And to round all of this off I have a great story.? Last year we were sitting in our chairs waiting for the parade to start when Julie or Andy says something about an ugly naked guy in a window across the street.? Sadly we missed out on seeing ugly naked guy in his full ugly naked fashion.? This year we sit down and I happen to look up at the building across the street.? Sho nuf.? Ugly naked guy still lives there… and is still naked.? Only this year he brought his ugly also naked boyfriend to the party.

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  1. DebiP says: Reply

    what a spectacular view of your TONSILS I will have to declare you tonsillitis free for now… sounds like a hugh blast…missed nikkid guy though

  2. Lauren says: Reply

    You got to see Sig from Deadliest Catch. We love him. Actually kind of love his brother Edgar better but that is another story altogether.

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