Warm Heads, Warm Feet

In the March newsletter for Sweet Hope I titled the article something different. ?I thought Warm Heads, Warm Feet was a little better.

There have been so many people across the country who have expressed interest in helping with the chocolate making, but cannot because really, who wants to fly to Washington state to make candy? ?Ok, some of you.

I tried to think of a way that people could help the children in Russia in other ways. ?I thought about the most basic thing that the children are lacking, hats and shoes. ?My experience with Mirnoe orphanage taught me that many of the children cannot attend school because they do not have shoes. ?The weather in Khabarovsk in the winter is so cold that they cannot go out without hats. ?It is also a cultural practice that all children must wear hats outside.

When a children’s home only receives 24 cents a day per child to feed and clothe them proper clothing often goes by the wayside.

I know many people who are knitters. ?I once knew how to knit (badly). ?Knitting a hat is not that difficult, especially when you have one of those circle loom things. ?Heck, even the trusty husband could knit a hat with one of those. ?So why not appeal to people for hats? ?While we’re at it, why not appeal for shoes too.

Sweet Hope is starting an on-going collection of hats (no, you don’t have to knit them) and shoes. ?If you find hats and shoes on sale consider picking a few up. ?Ship them to us and we will then ship them to a family traveling to Russia.

Why do this? ?First, you’ll be helping children get to school. ?Life is nothing without a proper education. ?Especially for children who will be put on the street at 16 years old. ?Second, families traveling for their first visit trips are usually expected to bring donations of items to their orphanage. ?Going out to purchase donations is another financial hurdle in the already expensive process of Russian adoption. ?By helping families with a portion of their donation they will be that much closer to bringing their child home. ?After all, Sweet Hope started as an organization to help adoptive families.

The trusty husband and I will house all of the donation and ship them to the traveling families. ?All you have to do is send them to us. ?If you would like to donate shoes or hats please email me. ?If you are a potential adoptive family preparing for your first (or second) trip to Russia and would like to take shoes and hats email me.

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  1. Liv says: Reply

    When I read the newsletter I immediately thought of knitting or crocheting hats, mittens, and scarves. I promptly borrowed a book to learn how to crochet from my neigbhor. As a bonus it teaches left handed!! Yay! Once I get the hang of it, I plan on making lots. I can’t wait to do more.

  2. lauri says: Reply

    sounds like a great idea… do they have to be new shoes? or can they be gently used. I see many newish shoes at resale shops & garage sales. You know how young children outgrow shoes.

    Let me know and if not I will happily look for new items as well.

  3. elle says: Reply

    Lauri, gently used shoes will work. We just won’t make the shipments 100% gently used. We’ll mix and match for families.

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