This town needs a Nordstrom

Tomorrow morning we are having family photos done with the trusty husband’s whole family.? To prepare for the event, and let me tell you it is a bit of an ordeal, Derek and I decided we needed haircuts.? Then we thought we needed new outfits.? We decided that after our haircut appointments (this morning) we would head over to the mall (in Olympia) to do some shopping.

We arrived at our haircut appointments on time.? A miracle itself.? Two hours later the trusty husband walked out with a free haircut and me looking a little like Posh Spice,? but a little less crack whorie.? I would post photos, but I haven’t taken any yet.

The mall here has gone some expansions in the past few years so we were sure the selection would be much better than in years past.?? Wow!? Were we wrong.? We dined on a fabulous new restaurant, called i. talia, and then walked over to the mall.? First stop, the Gap.? I tried on a pair of jeans that made my ass look the size of Rhode island (note to self, fewer cookies in the new year) and a baby doll type sweater.? The sweater was so comfortable, but every time I lifted my arms the line hitched its way up to my boobs and looked terrible.? I found a scarf I liked, but it was the decoration on their Christmas tree.

From the Gap we toodled down to Macy’s through the throngs of hippies and people so badly dressed I had to divert my eyes.? That should have been a big hint that this shopping trip was going down hill quickly.? At Macy’s, their Tommy Hilfiger section is as big as my closet and the rest is satiny tops in mod prints.? I tried Penny’s for some boots,? but couldn’t bring myself to settle on boots.? Even if the price was right.? I walked into Steve & Barry’s hoping Sarah Jessica Parker’s line would yield at least a top that wouldn’t look like shit.? That store was so chaotic I walked right out, hyperventilating a little.

It took us 20 minutes to drive 1 mile down the road to Old Navy (can you see I’m going for an “inexpensive” theme here?).? Then the rain started.? Old Navy was just as dirty as Steve & Barry’s, but with less product.? Not a single respectable sweater, not a pair of jeans that didn’t feel like cardboard.? Nothing.? We did find 2 pair of pants and 3 shirts for the boy.

Macy’s is about the highest end this town has to offer.? Normally, that is fine with me.? I can often find something in the Tommy Section that is worthwhile.? This time there was nothing.? Now I have to dig something out of the laundry and either wash it or let is pass the stink test and hope I don’t offend my family.

Good news is that I have a killer new haircut to make up for any lack of clothing choice I may have.? And the best part!? No more red.

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  1. If not red, then what!?!?!? I guess I’ll find out Sunday …

  2. And NEAL says you just need to stay in T-Town realm, that’s all …

  3. Though I gotta say, down here in Oregon, we scored well at the “company store” mall in Woodburn. Would have done even better if I hadn’t just been shopping recently …. must pace self …

  4. Nothing wrong with inexpensive! That’s my motto until we get out of debt. Until then, I’m wearing clothes that don’t always fit right (still losing baby fat, although I’ve hit a major plateau, so stuff still fits from last summer), but don’t look horrible. Belts are my friend. An an occasional shirt or pair of pants perk up my mood as well as my wardrobe. As for my kids, I just keep hoping I will get hand-me-downs for Gretchen (usually a safe bet until the kids are about 18 months, although she has almost caught up with the little girl who’s clothes we were getting – McKayla is a small girl and Gretchen isn’t). Quin, on the other hand, has entered the realm of getting new clothes. I’m not sure how much of this is because he’s a boy and how much is because late toddlers/early preschoolers are very rough on their clothes. Until then, he’s getting clothes for every gift giving occasion – it almost makes me wish his birthday was in the spring!

    Have a great time getting your pictures taken! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures of your new haircut!

  5. I was sure this post was gonna be about shoes when I saw the title!

  6. chou2 says: Reply

    oh oh! Post pictures of the Posh hairdo!! I am dying to see!!

  7. kate says: Reply

    stand in the back. then your new ‘do will show and your clothes won’t. ;>

    i’m sure you’ll find something that works…

  8. Lauri says: Reply

    Need to see the hair… hello girly… you know better than to talk hair and not show me pics? Naughty girl

    I hear you about finding cool clothes these days… what’s with all the mod babydolls anyway?

  9. Tricia says: Reply

    Yeah, I know what you mean about good stores. San Diego is pretty good but to get to the big Nordstroms I have to drive like 30 miles and there & back it’s like 1/2 tank of gas. I end up going maybe 2x a year, usually at Christmas but this year I didn’t get that far. I usually go to the “smaller” Nordstroms in La Jolla…but their selection is even limiting.

    Talking about liking a good bargin. Yesterday I was sooo bad. I went shopping at a nearby Marshalls for a snowsuit (to be used for one week in Russia – got one for $20 on clearance) and ended up buying FIVE pairs of shoes for myself. Going to blog about that I think. It was like heaven.

  10. Tricia says: Reply

    Oh, and gotta see your posh spice hair do.

  11. Mom says: Reply

    What a couple of Yup Yup Yuppies you guys are. Come on now…were not quite as hicks ville as you make us out to be! Proud to be from Oly!!!!!!!!

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