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Thank you all for your input on yesterday’s kindergarten question. ?Given all of the criteria we think we are going to go with our local school. ?The deciding factors are socialization, why we picked the district in the first place, the less likelihood of the boy getting “removed” from the other district* and the advice of the trusty sister-in-law. ?I should have asked her first, but I’m dumb like that.

Registration is Monday. ?The school’s website says nothing about assessments being done at registration time so I have no clue if I’m supposed to take him with me. ?It would be nice if I didn’t have to since registration is from 8:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and the boy is in preschool most of that time.

I did call the school yesterday morning to ask them about his birth certificate and the possibility of touring the school. ?I spoke with the secretary and she says I should have no issue with his birth certificate as long as I bring his certificate of citizenship. ?We elected to not do a re-adoption in the US and he still has a Russian birth certificate.

I spoke with the preschool teachers earlier this year about the move to the primary school and they suggested talking to the school about making a few visits prior to the end of the school year. ?When I talked to the primary school secretary she said that they don’t usually do that and that open house day is in August. ?She was kind of snide when I said he has trust/transition/change issues and this would be a good idea. ?Her reply, “the August open house won’t be enough for him?” ?If push came to shove it would work, but it isn’t ideal.

The boy’s preschool moved across the building this past summer and we spent time touring the construction area, attending VBS and generally spending time in the space prior to the start of school. ?We carried the boy out of the open house screaming and the first day of school he wouldn’t let me leave the room. ?So no lady, one visit right before school starts isn’t going to cut it. ?She suggested we speak with the principal when we are there Monday to see if he’ll let us make a few extra visits. ?My worst fear is him fearing the school and end up hating it. ?He’s already freaked out because his best friends won’t be going to the same school.

The good news is we will continue with hockey next season and with any luck some of his preschool friends will be on his hockey team. ?Two boys recently joined our learn to skate program and the parents seem as if they are interested in keeping their kids in the program.

We are planning on spending as much time together as a family this summer. ?We’ve made a commitment to say no to as much stuff as possible especially since I will be out of the country most of July (I’m gone almost 3 weeks). ?Last year we had something every weekend and it prohibited us from even taking a family camping trip. ?At the end of the summer the boy was so sad that he didn’t get to sleep in a tent. ?Our other challenge for the summer is that I might be working (besides my church job).

I’ve applied for a job at a local garden center and it sounds like they are very interested in hiring me (or at least talking to me at this point). ?It is a very small nursery and I don’t know if they carry extra staff over the summer. ?I only want to work part-time especially since retail nursery jobs don’t pay enough for child care. ?I also worry about leaving the boy all day long. ?That may seem silly, but you don’t know my boy and his people issues. ?Some PI kids have food issues mine has serious people issues.

So that’s the word.


*See Auntie G’s comment

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  1. lauri says: Reply

    We did not readopt Livi either and her Russian BC and certificate of citizenship worked just fine. We were told to bring Livi and assessment was done on the same day. I also took Livi on a tour all by myself and showed her a few classrooms

  2. Lena says: Reply

    Good choice!

  3. Wendy says: Reply

    Our school wouldn’t allow visits either. They acted as though we were CRAZY to want one. Wasn’t Open House enough? Yeah, Open House where there are 500 kids swarming the school, it’s loud and chaotic and completely overwhelming. So I just visited the school on the weekends, played with him on the Kinder playground, looked in the windows at the classrooms and talked a lot about how school works. The car rider line, walking in a line in the hallways, etc. I think the one thing I told him that helped the most was the fact that it was new to all the other kids too, and the staff was all there to help them and take care of them.

    In our school, all the assessmnet testing happened in the first couple of weeks of school. Registration was all about shot records, proof of residency, and paperwork. Ugh! I wasn’t sure if i got him registered or bought a house!

  4. Michele says: Reply

    I hope you get the garden center job! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you when I go plant shopping!

  5. Willow says: Reply

    omg he’s going into KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!! WTF? tell that kid to stop growing up, i want him cute and small with that little voice FOREVER 🙂

  6. Jenni says: Reply

    I didn’t get to comment on your previous post, but I think you made a good choice. I teach 1/2 day kindergarten, and while it would be nice to have more time in our day, I don’t think the kids in our district are behind because of it. In kindergarten, socialization and simply learning how to be in school is most important.

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