The home stretch

We are down to the home stretch of the flavor voting! I extended the time until noon PDT. So if you haven’t cast your vote or your flavor isn’t in the top 6 you’d better make your vote count! Remember you can vote more than once. After noon I will look up the vote count and post the final results. In the case of ties for 6th the decision will be made by me and the trusty husband. I never said this was a true democracy. Remember I eat the truffles as I make them so I’m apt to pick flavors I am partial to. I just won’t tell you what ones I don’t like. And yes, there are flavors I make, but don’t like. If I were smart I would only make the ones I don’t like so I won’t eat them. But where’s the fun in that?

So come on and Rock the Vote!!!

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  1. Tricia says: Reply

    looks like my top 2 are in the top 6 so everything is going to be OK.

    i know this is weird, but i forgot (!) i had a box of sweet hope chocolates from xmas. i got them out of the fridge this week. they are still good. are truffles supposed to last this long?

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