The end of an era

I think that we may have seen the end of naps in our house. ?I though this was the case a few months ago, but it was just a phase. ?Shortly thereafter the boy went back to taking an hour and half nap every day. ?Then about a month ago it started down the road of once every other day. ?Then every 2 days. ?We are now on our 7th day without a nap. ?Let me assure you, I still put him in his bed. ?He needs the down time. ?I also need the time away from his ever moving mouth.

He’s actually been quite a good kid despite the lack of naps. ?We put him to bed a little earlier. ?Other than a little bit of whining when he doesn’t get his way he’s been pretty good. ?The thing that I’m going to miss is that little bit of piece & quiet. ?I am not exaggerating when I hear the word mom every 5-10 minutes. ?He simply cannot just tell a story or ask a question. ?Every moment that he talks to me must begin with MOM. ?By the 462 MOM I’m about ready to lose my shit.

Here’s the real kicker to this nap thing. ?Something that I find oddly fascinating. ?It appears as if he might be lessening up on the rocking. ?Previously, I would put him in his bed and he would start rocking. ?I would check on him 30-40 minutes later and if he wasn’t asleep he would still be rocking. ?If he was rocking quickly I’d tell him to go to sleep and check 20 minutes later. ?If he wasn’t asleep he would still be rocking. ?This would go on for about an hour and a half. ?Sometimes he’d fall asleep others he’d rock the whole time.

Now, I put him down, check 30-40 minutes later and he’s not rocking. ?He’s laying there playing with a blanket or some other stuffed thing in his bed. ?I tell him to go to sleep and well… he just laughs at me. ?Much like in the days of yore when I tried to get him to stop rocking.

Maybe he’s actually giving up the rocking along with the naps. ?I don’t know how long he rocks at night time because I don’t ever go in to check on him until I go to bed, but I do know he still rocks when he wakes up or if I accidentally disturb him while he’s sleeping.

I would love it if he were giving up the rocking, but I’m not as thrilled about it as I thought I would be. ?After 3 years I’ve pretty much become immune. ?He tells me he’s not ready to stop yet.

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  1. I was always really sad to see the naps go too. That little sliver of peace and quiet just made the whole day run better! It took me a while to stop missing it, but now it’s kind of great having the freedom to not have to schedule my day around a nap. And, if I need a little sliver of peace and quite, well – isn’t that what cartoons are for?

  2. Auntie G says: Reply

    It’ll be interesting to see if going back to school changes the need for midday sleep and/or resting. I also noticed that O wasn’t rocking in the morning when I went to get him up at my house. I think it’s a good thing for him to “keep his options open”.

  3. I will cry when naps end – but like you I need the break and she will continue to go down for quiet time because her mouth doesn’t stop moving from the moment she gets up to the moment she falls asleep.

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