The boy

Now that the boy speaks in full sentences he is quite fun to talk to. We get lots of “Hi Mom” and “Hi Dad.” We miss the Mama and Daddy, but it’s cute.

I asked him one day in the grocery if he wanted a sister (we had just seen a baby) and he looked at me… thought about it and said, “No, I want a dog.” Guess it’s a good thing our house is too small for another person and we couldn’t actually afford another child at this point. Of course little does the boy know, the house is also too small for a dog.

He has quite the imagination and anything that is angled is referred to as a slide. Back of a fork, daddy’s arm (while bent).

His new big boy bed has been a bus or a car. The trusty husband taught him how to make a door with a blanket. The bed has a top cross bar on it that you can drape a blanket over and it makes a little hide-a-way. I have a wire I could use to make a curtain for it*, but I was originally planning on using the wire to hang pictures from. (I’ll post photos when the boy’s room is clean.)

The transition to the big boy bed went well. The first night he fell right to sleep. Mainly because he really didn’t have a nap on Saturday. Nap time yesterday wasn’t as smooth. The trusty husband was on duty for that one. The boy rocked and played around for about 40 minutes until Derek went in to tell him to go to sleep. The boy asked his dad for help and Derek rocked him to sleep. Bed time went ok. So far he’s staying in the bed.

Our dinner conversation last night was a classic. The boy hears me spell his name so often when people ask him what his name is you get, “Oleg, O-L-E-G, Oleg.” He was demonstrating this last night to us. So we thought we would get him to spell Mama. We explained, “Mama is spelled M-A-M-A” His response, “O-L-E-G, Mama.” Same with Daddy.

We are also trying to teach him his last name. We tell him, “Your name is Oleg Roy Lindholm. Can you say that?” – “Oleg Roy get away from the kitties,” was his response.

*I decided, after listening to the boy get irritated at the falling off blanket, that I am going to make the curtain. Problem is I don’t know what kind of fabric to make it out of. Currently his room looks like this (pardon the strewn about toys):




I made the curtains and cover for the rocking chair. He has car sheets on his bed, car plaques (that were in D’s room) on the wall and a hockey print above his bed. The quilt on the wall (I made) and it is jungle animals. I originally wanted to do Sock Monkeys when he got his big boy bed, but I have to find a quilt shop in town with the fabric (the only one I know of is 30 minutes south of me). But I was thinking that he might like cute cars or trains. He is obsessed with trains right now. So I’m in a bit of a quandary about what to do. Do I make the curtain a solid color, with cars, trains or sock monkeys? Help me internets.

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  1. I say go with whatever you find first – and why don’t you buy the fabric online?

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    How about something really fun,
    like a material that velcro sticks to. Then make him cutouts (Carboard, or something similar that is stiff but lightweight) with velco tabs that will stick to the fabric. He can decorate it any way he is feeling at the moment. It could be a train one day, a race car the next, a fire engine, etc etc. This is what I intend to do for the curtain that forms the tent under Levi’s bed. Once I find where I packed the sewing machine….

  3. Dana says: Reply

    Man, I can’t believe how grown up he is! When did that happen? Spelling and full sentences! I’m just amazed!

  4. His room looks great! Totally big boy.

  5. serena says: Reply

    Great room. What about the sheets on the bed? They look great. Could you get the same sheets and make curtains out of them?

  6. Heidi says: Reply

    Had the same thought as Wendy above – go for it!

  7. Jenny2 says: Reply

    I want sock monkeys, but I bet he’d want trains.

  8. Raissa says: Reply

    Last night Isaac told us that after Micah starts crawling, he wants a little brother. Apparently, the next kid is only 16 months away!!

    I need some serious small-space living ideas. See anything good at IKEA?

  9. I was going to suggest panels of items he likes, kinda like a striped quilt, but I think Wendy’s idea is much better!

  10. chou2 says: Reply

    OMG, you KNOW my vote: bring on the sock monkeys!!!

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