Sweet Hope Round 2

We were a little overwhelmed by the number of flavor suggestions. ?So much so that we’ve had a difficult time narrowing down the selection to what we actually want to taste test. ?The other problem is that the suggestions for the varieties we’ve done in the past is quite small and they are ones that we have done multiple times (with the exception of Pumpkin Spice… man you guys really liked that one).

We (ok more Derek than me) decided we should put it to another vote. ?This time you have clearly defined options.

Here is how this will work. ?There is a poll in the sidebar. ?It has a list of 15 varieties. ?You guys will vote (as many times as you like). ?The top 10 will be selected. ?From that list of 10 if we’ve made it before it makes it to the final list of 8. ?If we haven’t made it before (or taste tested it before) it will become a taste test flavor. ?Those samples will be sent to the pre-selected taste testers (who will be informed of their fortune once we have the list of testing flavors). ?The top vote getters from the taste testers will go to the final 8. ?Taste testers will get to sample a minimum of 3 and maximum of 10.

You will have until Tuesday the 28th to make your selection.

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  1. Sad not to see cream cheese, but sook many other good ones!! Off to vote!

  2. Tricia says: Reply

    What, no chili??? Hopefully curry will suffice!

  3. Tricia says: Reply

    OK, didn’t vote for curry. I guess I’m feeling experimental tonight. I voted for apricot-sage, almond, and raspberry.

    I’m also a fan of mocha, pumpkin spice and irish cream.

  4. Lee says: Reply

    That 1% for port was mine…feeling a little sorry for my brother, who obviously came up with that flavor. That one’s for you D! XO šŸ™‚

  5. elle says: Reply

    I’ll vote Port too Lee… I think it sounds good.

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