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The position I applied for was the 6th Avenue Farmer’s Market Manager.? It would have been a great job.? I would have kicked ass…

I didn’t get it.

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  1. Sandy says: Reply

    Sorry to hear you didn’t get the job. Farmer’s Markets are cool.

    There’s that Buttermilk Fried Chicken again! Are you serious? That sounds sooooo good. (we’re having ribs tonight)

  2. Kathou says: Reply

    Sorry about the position, was rooting for you.

  3. Amy says: Reply

    idiots I tell you!

  4. Tressie says: Reply

    I feel your pain on that job turn down…..they’ll probably hire from Seattle…..

  5. Ree says: Reply

    Their loss.

  6. NEAL says: Reply

    See that glass of wine over here —–>
    IT’s for you, the next one is for me.

    Luv and hugs.

  7. *smooch*

  8. Jenny says: Reply

    Love YOU sweet girl! I dedicate the two glasses of wine I drank just for you. We can make out on Sunday Church of Brunch if it would make you feel better.

  9. Lena says: Reply

    We will debrief on Sunday Church of Brunch … but I did have a drink for you at the Rhubarb game tonight.

  10. mom says: Reply

    It most likely would have caused you to start biting your nails while your hair fell out in chunks. It’s rumored that all whom work there will be bald within a year and nail polish will become history. See… you don’t want to work there! Yuk.

  11. Tricia says: Reply

    Bummer ’cause being a working mom is just so great. (Speaking to you at 2AM while I’m working on some stupid Powerpoint presentation for my 9AM meeting tomorrow.)

  12. Lauri says: Reply

    so sorry….

    They made a big mistake

  13. kim says: Reply

    You woulda kicked some serious ass on that one. The 6th Avenue Farmer?s Market has no idea of the talent they passed on.

    Thanks, btw, for the great answer about Steve.

  14. DebiP says: Reply

    totally their loss but hey more insane mommy time with the boy

  15. Sorry hun…I know it is a kick to the ego when that happens.

  16. Jan Bartel says: Reply

    Too bad about the job. You would have been great at it. Well something else will turn up that will be just right for you, as far as hours etc goes. Hugs for you all, Aunt Jan

  17. I’m sorry to hear about the job – hopefully something even more fantastic will come your way!

  18. Jenni says: Reply

    Sorry dude. It’s totally their loss, but it still sucks.

    Hope something better comes around the bend.

  19. Rhonda says: Reply

    Oh I’m sorry. You’re right, you would have kicked ass.

  20. But the doors are open to so many other things now … have faith …

  21. Jenny says: Reply

    just getting caught up…I am sorry elle. you know I was rooting for you.

    but you got up, got dressed and went and did well, in an interview, that is a wonderful accomplishment in and of itself….


  22. I’m really sorry you didn’t get this job. I know how sucky it feels. Been interviewing off and on all year and there was one I REALLY wanted, thought I was a shoe in, didn’t get it :-(. I hope you have better luck with the next one that comes along.

  23. […] the new 6th Avenue Farmer’s Market.? If you recall this happens to be the market in which I applied for the job.? At the time I was bitter that I didn’t get the job.? But as time went on I saw that it […]

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