Stalking the FedEx Guy

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had an unusual fascination with home delivery. We lived in a neighborhood with families that owned their own businesses. Serious. In a 7 home area, 3 owned businesses. These families were forever getting deliveries from the UPS guy or the FedEx guy. More so because they had money and could order things from catalogs. Hello Lillian Vernon!

Sadly, we didn’t have the luxury of ordering from the Sears Catalog and had to make the trek of shame to the actual Sears store to purchase items. Not that we really shopped at Sears all that much. And it wasn’t so much shameful to shop at Sears. Hell… I still do. Ok, for appliances and tools. droooool…. tools.

What the? Enough about Sears.

So mom and I would do the happy dance every time the UPS guy showed up at our house with a little package of something or another. Typically because he had a nice ass. We felt special when a package would show up. Like Christmas, only they were delivering vacuum cleaner bags. Hey! my mom has her priorities.

In the age of online shopping home delivery is becoming more prominent. The UPS or FedEx guy comes through our neighborhood on a daily basis. The DHL guy even came through yesterday. And every time the truck goes by I get a little excited thinking it could be something for me. It normally isn’t. The trusty husband put the kai-bash on my online shopping. However, there are those times when you know you ordered something and you’ve been maniacally calmly watching the tracking number. Like, oh say, Sweet Hope boxes. That came today!

I squealed like a school girl when I drove down the hill and passed the FedEx ground truck. The boy thought I was a little crazy. How that’s different from most days I’m not sure.

I was so patient and waited until I was finished with my lunch to break open the boxes and see my cute little packages. They are so pretty! Only I could get excited about boxes.

So here you go… Christmas packaging for Sweet Hope Truffles and Caramels. (the caramels will be in the polka-dot boxes).



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  1. Very cute! I’m ordering my stash on Friday. (Be prepared to make lots and lots of peppermint truffles!!!)

  2. Mmmmmmm … chocolate.

  3. Chili chocolate …

  4. The boxes look great! I caught up with your Monday post – it sounds like life has returned to normal, and the boy is acting like a civilized toddler again? Yes, I know that’s an oxymoronic statement! I’m not sure why (or how!) they can go from happy to screaming fits in about 0.025 seconds, but is sure is amazing when they do! Good luck getting the week back on track – hard enough with it being a holiday week!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Super cute!

  6. cute choice! love the polka dots….

  7. Wendy says: Reply

    I have to go show Levi!!!

  8. Lauren says: Reply

    Those are such cute boxes. And don’t feel bad, the delivery guys generally don’t come to my house either.

  9. Mom says: Reply

    You don’t need me this year?

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