So excited I can hardly contain myself

An alternate title for this post could have been, “Be careful what you wish for.”

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of “meeting” Beth.? She is/was part of my BlogHer network and I started reading her blog when I saw interesting titles pop up under those pesky ads.? She’s quite the witty girl and who doesn’t love a blog named “I should be folding laundry.”? Because honestly, isn’t that really what we all should be doing instead of reading blogs.? Personally I have washed the load that’s in the washing machine twice just to avoid putting it in the dryer thus resulting in me eventually having to fold it.? See.


So Beth sends me this email the other day saying that she has some gift baskets to give away.? This isn’t so unusual.? Beth gives stuff away all the time.? Only this time she want to give the baskets away to my Sweet Hope buyers.? Yes, you read that right.? MY buyers.? As in all of you who make a Sweet Hope purchase.? A purchase that goes to buy Christmas gifts for orphans.? And why aren’t you buying more.? What?? You have a problem with orphans or something?

Sorry… large cup of coffee this morning.

After sales are done (on November 28th) we are going to compile the list of buyers and Beth will draw 4 names (or however she does that).? Those 4 names are going to win the gift baskets.? And did I mention they are Sweet Indulgence gift baskets?

We are trying to get the word out to as many people as possible.? Write about Sweet Hope on your blog.? Tell your friends and family.? Tell random strangers.? Just tell anyone.? Put the bee button on your site too.? If you do email me and Beth and let us know.

And remember… many of these are special needs orphans.? Oh, and you only have until Friday the 28th to order.

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  1. Ree says: Reply

    Does my plea on your behalf count?

  2. wow – how amazingly cool is that???

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