Sick for the second time in a week

Not only have I spent a near Christmas in the Urgent Care Clinic (not this year) I am sick on New Years every. single. year. I am pretty sure it is because I work myself to death the weeks leading up to it and then BAM! I get near one person with a hint of a sniffle (my son) and it lays me out as if I were hit by Mike Tyson. Damn.

I managed to survive the photo taking this afternoon and eek out this little picture for you. (don’t be so impressed, I’m playing with new brushes.) I still didn’t get photos of my hair so you will just have to be patient.


I’m looking forward to a nice brunch with my girlfriends tomorrow. Only problem is it’s at our house and it is no where near as clean as I would like it to be. You girls may just have to settle for less than spotless floors. If I set a pretty table will you forgive me for that spot of dried cat puke?

If you’ll pardon me I’m going to find some useless drivel to watch on the telly.

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  1. Lena says: Reply

    What is a spotless house? My cold blue house looks like a tornado walked through … oh, wait, no those our my suitcases and my kids opening Christmas presents for the umpth time this season.

    See you tomorrow!

  2. kate says: Reply

    umm, elle, maybe this means you should quit working yourself to death prior to the hols? sorry you’re feeling rotten! am sure lunch with the girls will be fab–and hopefully full of recuperative vibes.

  3. Have a fantastic brunch! I agree with kate: take some time off, relax, and don’t stress about the holidays. If you can’t have fun and enjoy your friends and family, what’s the point of the season. Nothing has to be perfect, and it tends to be more fun if you don’t stress about all the little details. Have a wonderful New Years!

  4. Heh, nice addition for “new” commenters! Unfortunately for your system, I’m just commenting on my hubby’s computer, not mine. 😉

  5. DebiP says: Reply

    feel better EL…I am just glad that you licked my chocolates weeks ago…now I wont get what you have…

  6. Kim says: Reply

    I just found your website and holy crap you are flippin funny! Your Christmas letter had me crying!

    Happy New Year, I hope you feel better.

  7. Jenny says: Reply

    Everything was so wonderful. Love your house! Love it! Come and decorate mine! Thanks a million for hosting, I had the Very Best time.

  8. NEAL says: Reply

    Children: God’s ‘lil viral carriers.

    Blessed to have multiple ones, but having been sick more on than off this winter, I’m praying for a really, really strong immune system when we get done cycling through these buggers.

    Oh, I just noticed the bottom of your page. Nice “Merry Christmas” (w/holly leaf, good touch)

    AND, Hope you, TH and boy get better, too.

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