Settling In

For long time readers of this site: yes, this may become a crazy cat blog.  I got a bajillion hits the day we got the kitties and those people commented.  I would totally sell you out like that.

The kittehs are settling in nicely.  It took a day or so, but things are going mostly well.  Fiona has yet to master this particular litter box in favor of our bed or under my dresser.  It would explain the smell emanating from our room.  After trying to potty train the giant puppy one tiny kitty shouldn’t be too much trouble.  We may be smelling poop, but at least we aren’t stepping in it.

We think Hammond (formerly Irving, now official) misses his brother.  We found that he had knocked Derek’s book off the end table.  Either that or he has serious God issues.  We’ll help him through either way.

The kitties have met Busy and she is fascinated by them.  The kitties are not as thrilled.  Busy is a bit of a sissy so any hissing makes her flinch which then makes a kitten flinch and scurry away.  Because of the smell in our room we have devised a system to let the kittens freely wander about the house if they wish or hide should they not like the spazzy dog.  This way we can air out our room and everyone wins.  Although, Busy doesn’t seem to like the set up.  If you look close you can see her trying to peer at Hammond under the gate.

Oh, and here is some cute.

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  1. laurie says: Reply

    Hi Kitties! You look so cute in your new home!

    Lisa,, I can see in the background of your pictures, you have one of those dome type litter boxes. They kitties were accustomed to using the “open air” variety, so maybe try taking off the top for awhile, then put it back on once she’s mastered it. Fiona may just be confused as to where exactly she should be going.

    They all were always very good about using the box from day one. I’m sure she’ll figure it out. She’s a smart cookie!

  2. Anna says: Reply

    Crazy cat blog would be great! The kittens are so adorable. You can find some great cleaning products here if you haven’t already heard of this stuff.

  3. Chathu says: Reply

    ohhh Irving I mean Hammond’s eyes are still blue. I thought it changed to green

  4. Lee says: Reply

    I got to meet my fur-niece and nephews today. And boy, are they sweet little balls of fur! At one point I had all ’em asleep on my lap and legs. One leg had fallen asleep, but I didn’t want to move the babies. So cute!

  5. mom says: Reply


  6. Tanya says: Reply

    Oooh Livelies, so good to see you again! Hammond looks like he’s wearing a little tie in the first photo.

    My kittens were confused about the covered litterbox as well when they came home, so we had a little litterbox course when they moved in. We removed the top from the litterbox and also used old phone books to make steps so they can go up to the edge and look in. Otherwise they couldn’t really see over the edge and it made them nervous to go in, and this also made it easier for them to exit.

    When the kittens got more settled in, we started putting a top on one of the litterboxes (we have two) for part of the day. Then we started putting tops on both litterboxes for part of the day. After about a week of that, we left the tops on and have never had a problem.

    I’m a big fan of the covered litterboxes, but kittens (and cats) are routine animals and changes in something like that make them nervous. Hope this helps.

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