Search for the Perfect Macaron

First there were cupcakes.  Then there was froyo.  The shaved snow craze hasn’t come to Washington yet, but I assure you it’s on its way.  At least I hope so.  There always seems to be some kind of fad dessert.  Be it mix-in ice cream, cake pops or the must-have cookie, we love our snacky treats.  

Macaron cookies are either on the rise or on the out.  I don’t know.  I’ve never really been one of those, “I must have the cupcake from [insert fancy cupcake place here]!!”  Ok, there was that brightly colored frozen drink from local mega coffee chain.  That was a one time (ahem… two) deal.  I mostly live under a big rock.  I’ve tried all of those fancy dessert places (Hello Cupcake, Gibsons, Vampire Penguin, Menchies).  They’re great a time or two.  It’s not quite the same as being on the hunt for something that is sold in many different places.

Thus, the macaron.

First let’s clarify something.  There is a difference between a Macaroon and a Macaron.

Image from Macarons & Bubbly
Macaroons & Bubbly has a lovely little description of the difference.  Macaroon = eww.  Macaron = ohmahholyhellbestcookieevah!!!

I will admit.  I’ve only recently discovered said cookie.  Thus not knowing if they’re in or out.  Frankly, I don’t care.

In December we went down to Olympia for haircuts.  We had some time to waste before meeting my parents for lunch.  Consequently, this was the day after I had my needle core biopsy.  It was a time when I was certain I had cancer, but wasn’t 100% sure.  The only thing that sounded good to eat was cookies.  Anyway, we wasted said time at the Olympia Farmer’s Market.  While there we came across a little place selling pastries and they just so happened to have lovely little heart shaped cookies.

Image from Left Bank Pastry
We picked up a few cookies and a croissant for Derek.  I ate my cookie that night and I’m pretty sure it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten.  No seriously.  It was a crunchy yet fluffy sweet treat filled with delicious raspberry jam.  It tasted like more.

The cookie came from Left Bank Pastry.  They recently celebrated opening their first retail shop in Olympia.  Previously they sold their wares wholesale and at the farmer’s market.  I wish them long business life and prosperity solely for selfish reasons.  I mean look at this!

Image from Left Bank Pastry
Derek brought home a dozen chocolate, raspberry and lemon macarons a few weeks ago.  I rationed them.  My in-laws tried to bring me some last week, but they were sold out.  They were able to purchase the very last one of the day.

Since this lightbulb moment I have been on the hunt for the perfect macaron.  I’ve tried imposters.  Whole Food… you disappoint me.  Trader Joe’s… why do you even try.

My beautiful friend, Kimmy, visited over the weekend and asked if there was anything she could bring me.  Yes!  Macaron cookies.  There happens to be a place in Tacoma that is also known for their Macarons.  La Waffletz & Macaron Station is located in Freighthouse Square.  Odd place, but it works.

Image from La Waffletz
Kim stopped in and talked with Roger the owner.  She said she was taking the cookies to her friend who was fighting breast cancer.  Roger mentioned that he had a family member who had that and sent her along with a little bag of adorable tiny little macarons as a gift from him to me.  He also told her to tell me to, “stay stubborn.”  Don’t worry Roger, I will.  

Roger’s cookies rival those of Left Bank.

Image from La Waffletz
They are a little smaller, but come in more flavors.  Kim brought me 10 different ones.

I am now on the hunt for the perfect macaron.  I’ll be honest.  These two are difficult to beat.  The best part about these cookies is they are naturally gluten free.  They are made with almond flour.  They are sweet without being too sweet.  They are adorable & colorful.  They are the type of cookie that just makes you happy.

I encourage anyone in the Tacoma or Olympia area to visit either of these places.  Then if you are headed North… you could bring a few by.  If you find a place that you think is better… you could drop a few of those by too.  After all, my waistline affects my future boobs*.  You want me to have nice boobs don’t you?
*my reconstruction choice is DIEP flap.  I’ll let you google that one.

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    I love making gluten free treats with Almond flour. If you keep the sweetness down, they’re actually good for you. Maybe we should try and make them! Yea, I like that idea!

  2. Dave says: Reply

    They also have a variety of Macaron flavors at Gotti’s Sweets next door to the Fish Tail Brew Pub here in Oly.

    If you are glutenful though the Kouign Amann at Left Bank Pastries is an absolute must.

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