Saturday Update

I realize that people get tired of me talking about chocolates all of the time, but too bad, this is my blog and we’re not just talking chocolate here.  We’re talking helping children.  What don’t you like orphans?

To recap, here are a bunch of numbers…

Our current gross sales are $4612.  This includes the amount one of my sales people updates me on.  With donations we are at $4707.  We received a super big really giant order from an unnamed corporation for 130 boxes of mixed truffles.  That is a $1900 sale.  I would like this to be above and beyond any goal set.  To make the $4680 gross goal without the big order we still need to sell $1922.  We did about $1800 in the last week last year and this year many of our regular customers have not ordered.

What do we need to make?

458 boxes of candy.

That would be over 2800 truffles and over 1300 caramels.  If you want to know last year’s final numbers, here you go.

The numbers are higher so that means I need as many helpers as possible.  I’ve you’ve ever wanted to see how Sweet Hope gets from our kitchen to your door now is your opportunity.  If you aren’t comfortable being a stranger in my house we have another option.  On December 5th we are taking over a church kitchen and cranking out the candy.  If you live in the Puget Sound area (or Washington state… or anywhere for that matter) and want to help please email me.  Did I mention you get free candy?

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  1. I still need to order but suddenly feel guilty adding to all of the truffles you have to make. GAH!

  2. Wendy says: Reply

    Awesome update. I hope I have spurred on at least a few sales (besides my greedy orders)

  3. Elle says: Reply

    Please don’t let the numbers deter anyone from ordering. I have many volunteers that help me and a very well planned schedule to do all of this in. I have enough experience to know that I can do this and still enjoy Christmas. We have to schedule our Christmas tree day in, but we know that and it doesn’t bother us.

  4. Rai says: Reply

    I will show up… we might finish early… but hopefully not due to record breaking orders!

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