Religious Conundrum

As you all (probably) know we send the boy to a Lutheran preschool.? If we had the money and I really wanted to drive across town everyday we would send him to a Lutheran private school once he starts Kindergarten.? However, the public schools in our town are some of the best in the state (which is why we live here) and well… I’m cheap.? We send the boy to this particular school because 1) it is at the church we are members of and that I work at, 2) it is very reasonably priced and 3) it’s just an all around great school.? The director is sensitive to the boy’s sensory issues and they work with him more on socialization rather than on academic content (which he’d already mastered last year).? He loves school.? This is a good thing.

Each week they have a theme and this week’s theme was Easter (shocking).? I had to laugh because yesterday it was time for chapel and as the preschoolers were headed to the sanctuary our office administrator walked down the hall to tell the pastor it was time for chapel.? He hadn’t really prepared and noticed a container of unopened daffodils sitting on the front desk.? He asked if he could borrow them and somehow turned a bunch of flowers into a chapel lesson on Easter off the cuff.? He’s good like that.

Somehow, last night the boy and I got into a discussion about Easter.? I asked him what he had been learning in school about Easter.? He said, “a bunny brings you a basket of candy.”

“DEEEEREEEEK!!!” I yelled.? “Your child seems to think that Easter is about a bunny that brings candy.”

I asked the child where he learned that and he said from his teachers.? Lovely.

There are two things that we teach in this house.? First is that Christmas is not about fat man in a red suit.? Second is that Easter is not about a candy wielding bunny.? This isn’t to say that the child doesn’t get presents from Santa.? He most certainly does, but we celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday.? Same goes for Easter.? In the two years that we’ve been a family of 3, I have not purchased an Easter basket.? The boy has gotten them.? From his grandparents.? We tell him that the baskets are from his grandparents.? There has been no mention of a bunny of any sort in this family and it is not about to start.

Last night I tried to clearly explain to my 4 year old that we celebrate Easter because Jesus died and was raised again.? This is like the trusty husband trying to teach me how a computer works.? There was a lot of head nodding and underneath I could hear the child thinking, “just make sure I get the candy lady and no one gets hurt.”

I will say that despite the fact that I don’t do Easter baskets we do color eggs and have a little egg hunt.? This has nothing to do with a bunny.? It’s just plain fun.

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  1. Hip hop… hip hop… =D

  2. Lauri says: Reply

    I am big on the bunny and basket.. but also like to tell the Jesus story in an age appropriate way. I got Livi a cross necklace and we talked about how Jesus died on the cross and why we really celebrate Easter.

    You can do both… Bunny & The Big Guy…

  3. Lauri says: Reply

    Jesus is all for the Easter bunny

  4. Heather says: Reply

    Amen to Lauri! I totally agree! Jesus is all for the Easter bunny.

  5. I ask the girls, who is coming on easter….Jesus and Eater bunny are usually the answers.

  6. I switched it up this year. The four kids used to get these awesome easter baskets filled with overindulgence — this year the baskets were JUST eggs and one small stuffed animal… but for church? New clothes, and after church? special candies, etc. Associating church/resurrection with the excitement vs. a bunny.

  7. Jenni says: Reply

    Vika made a comment yesterday about how she loves Easter because it means she gets “money in Easter eggs!” (we do an annual egg hunt, and some of the eggs have candy in them, some have money). Heathen that I am, I thought it was funny – my daughter is such a money-hound. Jeff, however was horrified! He sat her down with the Bible and told her the true story of Easter. I have a funny feeling that this scenario may repeat itself come Christmas time (which Vika says she loves because the “Baby Genius” is so “cute.”).

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